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Cut On Paper | Cut On Pollution | 08th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Development throughout the world has been reaching successive heights with every passing day.

Nations and countries are making increasing progress and moving towards providing the human population with a comfortable life. However, development always comes at a cost. The environment is getting so drastically affected that it is crucial for us to take immediate action before we end up causing irreplaceable damage to Mother Earth. Us humans seem to have taken all of our natural resources for granted. We clear large tracts of forested land for our own selfish goals. Only 31% of Earth's land surface remains covered by forests at present, representing one-third less than the existing forest cover before the expansion of agriculture and rapid urbanization.


According to a source, between 15 million to 18 million hectares of forest, an area the size of Belgium, are destroyed annually, and about 2,400 trees are cut down on average each minute. This degree of deforestation does not account for a very bright future for the generations to come. A primary reason for this large scale of deforestation is, in fact, our mindless use of paper. It takes about 17 trees, 26000 litres of water, 4000 kilowatts of power supply, and 240 litres of fuel to create a single sheet of paper (source: Despite this, paper is not only used on a really large scale but also a significant portion of it is also wasted.

There is an essential need to reduce the use of paper in our daily lives, not only because millions of trees, our source of life, are cut down every day, but also because the production of paper is very polluting. Due to the use of chlorine-based bleaches during production, toxins are released into our air, water, and soil. As paper rots, it emits methane gas, which is 25 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.


All these give us more reasons to cut down on paper usage. Various NGOs and other joint organizations are working a great deal on spreading awareness for the need to reduce paper usage, but it is important for us to do our part on a micro-level too. The least we can do is to ensure that our friends and family use paper wisely, and we should adopt a recycling habit. A cut on paper will be a cut on pollution, which is needed if we want what is best for the preservation of the planet we live on.

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