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Cyber | Crime | 18th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Cybercrime should become a significant problem around the world, which is why many cyber security agencies have been created to take some action against this crime.

In many countries around the world, many cybercrime agencies have been set up to stop this crime. Just like computers are used for hacking, but through cyber agents, these internet agents get some resources to catch hackers. Many hacking cases have been reported since the opening of cybercrime agencies, and many hackers have been caught by cyber agents.

Hackers face a number of penalties, including higher fines or imprisonment. On the other hand, these cyber security people seek the help of many hackers to find other hackers who are harassing people. This cybercrime is a huge problem in today’s world and we need to be aware of it and always be safe from these cybercriminals.


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Cybercrime is classified into four main categories: finance, privacy, cyber-terrorism and hacking. Financial crimes are stealing money from account holders. Similarly, they also took data on companies that lead to financial crimes. Also, they are at significant risk due to the transaction. Every year hackers steal millions and crores of rupees from traders and the government. Privacy crime involves stealing data that you do not want to share with the world. Also, people are very vulnerable and some people commit suicide due to misuse of their data.

In hacking, they deliberately damage the website causing loss or damage to the public or owner. Also, they destroy or replace existing sites to reduce their value. It is a crime in which illegal control over a person’s website is done illegally. In this way, the owner of the website loses control and essential information on that website. MEASURES TO PREVENT CYBERCRIME: Computer users should use a firewall to protect their computers from hackers. Computer users need to install antivirus software such as MacAfee or Norton antivirus. Cyber experts advise users to access only secure websites.

We should never give credit card information to suspects or strangers. Monitor children and control their internet use. Cybercrime is an act that is neither widespread nor exhaustive; the Information Technology Act has not distributed with cyber irritation, cyber robbery, and cyber defamation, and so on.

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