Cynophobia: A Common Phobia Among Phobias Of Animals!

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There are some things you have a phobia of but do realize, pay attention to or know the depth of fear you could have for them.

Why? Because you don't get to see them regularly. You tend to have phobias for some animals more than some because you often see them- you get to experience these animals' way of life and nature one of which debilitate and distress you. Fear of dogs- Cynophobia is among the common phobias for animals. Majorly because there is a high percentage you will get to see them, hear of it relatives and trigger the fear further. Cynophobia is the overwhelming fear of dogs. It is a type of specific disorder under the subtype 'animal disorder'. 'Cyano' is a Greek word meaning 'dog' and 'phobia' meaning 'fear'. It is an anxiety disorder. Cynophobia is intense, irrational, and persistent. It is an anxiety disorder.

People with this disorder feel an intense fear when they think, see or encounter a dog. This can interfere with your daily life and keep you from enjoying everyday life because you can find yourself avoiding places chances are you will meet a dog. A dog is a popular animal. The average person is more likely you encounter dogs in daily lifeDigs are found in almost all public spaces, avoiding them can be nearly impossible. Therefore, you have to go to get off the phobia and learn to deal with them. Yes, it is treatable In this article, the cause of this phobia, its signs, and its treatment will be examined.

Causes of Cynophobia


Different things trigger its development but the potential ones are:

  • Traumatic Experience: This is the experience of you being attacked by a dog or an encounter of it attacking someone else stored inside of you. It can be traumatic.

  • Changes in brain function: This is a result of neurological disorders. It causes you an intense fear of certain things.

  • Family or environment influence: If someone especially influential or authoritative n your family or environment has this phobia, you will most likely develop it. More of the phobias relatives will be directly and indirectly installed into you. It can be through genetics too.

The next thing is how to know if you have this phobia. Below are some general common reactions:

  • Nausea.

  • Wanting to run away.

  • Heart racing or pounding.

  • Disorientation.

  • An intense need to escape.

  • Feeling you may pass out.

  • You may begin to cry.

Treatment of Cynophobia


The most effective treatment is Psychotherapy. We have CBT and Exposure therapy as examples:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a Psychotherapy. It helps to change your thought patterns and behaviors. It focuses on retraining your brain and reframing negative exposures.

  • Exposure Therapy. In this, a person will be gradually exposed to what he fears until the feat goes away. It can start from talking about the dogs than to look at their pictures to seeing them from afar, hearing them bark, and finally to a point you can have close contact with them fearless.

Not encounters with dogs can be said as inevitable. Voice out, take the necessary step and get yourself treatment if you feel it is needed. It will help your mental health a lot. Go ahead, face this fear. You have got this.

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