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The human trait to explore stuff can never fade. Once you are drawn towards a particular plan, reverting is almost impossible.

Being a local wanderer doesn’t assist you with many perks. Talking about state travellers, endless pros!


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Since childhood, the only quote we have been mugging is, “India is a diverse country”. Theoretical knowledge check, practical not so much. Different states of India depict a variety of cultures, customs, and knowledge. The diversity of languages, dresses, holy books, all of these things convey certain emotions, which one or in the other way has an impact on all the human race.


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Exposure not only comes from definite things but also attaches itself to tourism. The more the merrier. Exploration always has a positive impact which motivates a being to be alive and active. The one being who rests with his laptop all day will gain comparatively less exposure than the being who communicates and explores different states. Wandering is somehow related to life too. Comprehending the people gives you a distinct exposure, which indeed is necessary.


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Trillions of food items are present on this land. To the foodie side in you, it is a needed, to-do task to visit a different state. Till when are you going to survive on your local hometown food ha? Explore the chic food and satisfy your stomach urge. Give yourself enough time to embrace Indian states and cultures, it’s beautiful. You’ll not be disappointed :’)

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