Does it Make a Difference: Being Vegan?

Vegan | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Being vegan. What does it mean? How different it is from being vegetarian? Who can call themselves vegan? Is it a diet or a lifestyle?

The way a person eats is one of the core parts of their life. Our social relationships mostly revolve around having meals with our friends, family and acquaintances. So, changing this can be really challenging and frustrating. We are mostly raised with eating meat and animal products such as dairy and egg. We don't even really think about their effects. Why would we? It is the way it's always been, so it must be right. Well, as in most cases, this isn't really true. Animal products have various negative effects to our health and our environment.

To try to minimize these negative effects, there are people that follow a social and lifestyle movement that is called veganism. This philosophy rejects the production and consumption animal products as a whole as well as the understanding of animals as commodities. It is possible for veganism to be confused with vegetarianism, considering that vegetarians also do not eat animals. But what they do consume, and use, are animal products like, eating cheese, wearing leather etc. This makes vegetarianism a dietary choice rather than a lifestyle. But this isn't to say you cannot be a dietary vegan. But this would rather be called a plant-based diet. Because being a vegan refers to every aspect of your life, not only what you eat but also what you wear, what you put on your face etc.


Well, we established what vegan is. But does it actually make a difference? Choosing veganism as a lifestyle has a plethora of benefits, to you as an individual and to the environment that you live in. For starters, studies show that going vegan can help you maintain a healthy heart as well as to lowering your blood sugar levels and improve kidney function, thus offering some protection against type 2 diabetes. And if you need more reasons, it can help you lose excess weight which is an aesthetic bonus. On top of health benefits there is also environmental benefits that come with being vegan. Meat, fish and dairy production effects our ecosystem and resources in serious ways.

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One quarter of our freshwater is used in meat and dairy production alone. Therefore, by going vegan, you as an individual can save over 700.000 liters of water. And also, you will be refraining from supporting factory farms, which is always a plus. From greenhouse emission from factories to deforestation and extinction of species, meat and dairy industry is the main culprit behind our planet’s environmental crisis. And by going vegan you can say, with peace of mind, you are not being a contributor to these disasters. Whether you become vegan for health benefits our environmental causes, you are helping nonetheless.

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