Dota-2 For Dummies: Aka a Beginner's Guide!

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Dota2 is a game that has an extremely large following worldwide. Whether you are one of the hardcore gamers who play for hours on end or if you are someone who enjoys watching competitive games, Dota2 is worth your time.

To give newcomers to the game some pointers, here are three main concepts of Dota2 to keep in mind: farming, roaming and denying. For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, please take this time to read through each section carefully because your skill in playing Dota2 will be greatly hindered without an understanding of all three. Each of these concepts will give you an edge against your opponents and help you even the playing field when it comes to your ability to dominate.


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Before we can talk about any other concepts in Dota2, we must first understand how farming works. This concept is probably the most important one as it will directly affect each and every one of your games as a whole. Farm, as it is called in Dota2, is the process of killing neutral creeps (creeps not controlled by either team) in order to obtain gold and experience for you and your team. While the gold obtained from killing neutral creeps varies, it is often between 250-300 gold per kill. This is true of both high and low-tier creeps, so do not assume that killing only high-tier creeps will allow you to get 300 gold per creep.

The most important part of each creep you kill is the experience obtained; this allows for your hero to gain levels (increases your hero's statistics) which results in increased damage output and increased health. The amount of experience gained on each kill varies depending on how powerful the creep you are fighting is; if the enemy hero has lower LP than you, then you will receive more experience than if they have an equal amount of LP (same level). Levels are important because they allow you to increase your stats. Each time you gain a level, you gain 5 attribute points (AP) which can be allocated in either strength, agility, or intelligence.



Roaming is the term used to describe the action of moving throughout the map looking for creeps to kill and/or opportunities to gank (kill enemy hero). There is a major difference between farming and roaming and that involves your location on the map; when farming, you should never move out of your lane (the area between your towers) but instead only buy items to help with farming such as branches, tangos, or healing salves. When roaming, however, you want to move all over the map in order to help with ganks and take advantage of any opportunity for a kill. Once you have obtained level 6, you can begin roaming.


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The concept of denying is the final concept to cover before moving on to the actual game. Denying creeps involves your enemy in some sort of way; in order to deny your enemy, you must attack them before they are able to attack the creep. As mentioned above, when you kill a creep, you obtain gold and experience (depending on if they are high or low tier); when you deny that creep for your enemy, you also obtain gold and experience but instead, it goes into your own pocket.

One thing to note about denying versus farming is that farming has a specific purpose of obtaining gold and experience while denying serves no real purpose other than preventing that creep from being used against your team. Once you've learned the three concepts above, that represent the basics, here's the rest of the things you should know to play Dota2 effectively.

Timings When Playing Dota-2

One thing that can be confusing to new players is knowing when it is best to play particular heroes or when it's best to be ganking (killing enemy hero) and when it's best for ganking. It is best to try and play optimally with the time restrictions in your head, so here's a brief explanation of the vast variety of timings that you may face.

Lane Timings

Freshly Spawned

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The time after a lane has been pushed to the enemy's tower is often known as being fresh; this means that there are low levels on both teams and many camps (neutral creeps) have yet to be cleared. This is one of the best times to gank enemies in order to steal an early kill and prevent them from farming or getting gold.

Farming Slow Lane

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The faster your farm gets (i.e. how fast you are able to kill creeps), the more money you get. This means that if your lane is slow and there's another lane that has been pushed out, then it's best to go to the stronger lane and farm (make sure not to push the lane so you can gank).

Off Time


If your team has already pushed both of the other lanes then it's time to take advantage of the lack of enemy heroes. Look for opportunities to gank or try and start a team fight (a fight between all 5 players) while they are unable to help each other. One way to do this is by using heroes that have abilities that target low health heroes, such as Kunkka's Torrent or Sven's ultimate. If you are able to kill the enemy hero, then it can give you a quick gold and experience boost which will help you in future games.

Team Timings

During A-Team Fight

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This is often referred to as the golden time to play in Dota2; if your team is already fighting and your objective is getting kills, then make sure to do it when your opponents are unable to retaliate. This is often the only way in which you can make up for being severely behind.

When Your Team Is Pushed


This is also a great time to gank; because the enemy team is busy trying to push, you should have an easier time of getting a kill before backup arrives.

During The Laning Phase

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Once your lanes have been pushed out enough, then it's time to try and get a few kills; however, it's usually best not to do this if your opponent has high amounts of magic resistance because farming is extremely hard when you are unable to last hit effectively.

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