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There is nearly every field in this terrestrial ecosystem that is affected by the double standards of opinionated people.

Whether it is gender equality, religion, environment or any political issue, people often tend to support one thing by being completely oblivious of their hypocrisy to the other side. One of the victims of this ‘double standard’ is language. It may sound peculiar or even absurd but the truth is that the most underlying part of our life that does not seem to be associated with any harm is affected and the greatest victim of this is in Hindi and Sanskrit.

Mother tongue a shame?

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Nowadays, in a social circle, people find it prevailing to communicate in English and don’t seem to pay attention to Hindi. If you do choose to speak in Hindi, some people look down on you. Because according to their parameters speaking Hindi is considered as a setback and even less-educated. But isn’t this detrimental to the future of the nation that citizens of this country see their mother tongue as an embarrassing object? Is this modernization or deletion of our own roots?

No place for Sanskrit

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Where Hindi is in grave danger, Sanskrit seems to be dying. It is one of the greatest gifts our country could offer, being one of the most ancient languages with syllables and phonetics rarely seen in any other languages and has influenced numerous languages across the globe in one way or the other. But our own county does not bother to pay attention amidst recruiting their children to learn foreign languages like French, Dutch, mandarin to improve their skill and personality. On the other hand, Sanskrit is not even seen as a language worth learning as a skill.

English a necessity?

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English: What is the first thought that strikes your mind when you hear this word? Necessity. English has now become a necessary part of our life that bolster our social identity. If you aspire to maintain a reputable position in a society, you ought to be fluent in English because people expect that a well to do person is complementary to spoken English. People associate your English with your education and knowledge. If you are not an idol user of English then people assume you are not educated enough and have scarce manners and sophistic values. But what they forget here is, that English too is a foreign language. It is deleterious that command of a foreign language that should be seen as a skill is now referred to as a parameter of one’s education.

Save the heritage

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The education system plays the biggest role when it comes to marking English as the only important language for students. Only if they paid enough attention to our mother tongue and our ancestral heritage in Sanskrit, there is still a hope that we will see them flourish in the future rather than just being a name in the textbook to be remembered. It is essential for the youth to see their roots as pride rather than a thing to be ashamed of.

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