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As people's have walked through their life, they have seen multiple changes, but one change that remained constant throughout their lives was evolution.

The word has modified, altered and enhanced many things which led to the creation of new ideas, concepts and processes which has made the current human lifestyle very easier, faster and much more convenient. One such big evolution done by human beings for the sake of humanity was in the field of medicine and pharmacy. developing pharmaceuticaltheirPharmacy is basically the science of discovering, creating, producing and developingPharmaceutical medicines along with its dispensing and the person who deals with this practice with various skills and techniques is called a pharmacist. Continuous evolution and vigorous modifications happening each and every day in various industries and laboratories have taken this field to another level and in recent times we can proudly say that this field has also uplifted the Indian and global economy to some extent. Despite various and numerous challenges occurring regularly in front of humanity, various systems of medicine like allopathy, homoeopathy, Unani, and Siddhaespecially and especially kinds our traditional and oldest system of medicine, Ayurveda countered almost all the problems and challenges with ease. Collecting and selling all kind of medicines and other Pharmaceutical substances is not an easy task to do because it requires numerous efforts and resources and these problems lead to the creation of E-pharmacy or digital pharmacy.

E-pharmacy and electronic pharmacy is a method of dispensing and selling medicines and other Pharmaceutical substances in which the electronic mode is preferred for a person to purchase his requirements and then it is delivered according to the customer's preferred location. It is one of the most easiest and convenient methods for purchasing the required amount of medicines and other substances. The biggest advantage of using this method is that it is less time-consuming and it does not involve the physical presence of the customer in the drug store so that he or she can avoid the unwanted crowd which can lead to various problems like health issues and unavailability of money in the form of cash. This method involves some simple steps like installation of the desired software and creating a user ID for a single time followed by uploading a prescription prescribed by a legal medical practitioner, selection of quantity and mode of payment (which includes digital money transfer, net banking or cash on delivery) and the customer receives an e-bill of the purchase done.


E-pharmacy displayed a great impact on the minds of the new generation of especially people, especially youths and there are many reasons behind it. Great marketing strategies, more availability of resources, good customer support and care and easy access are a few of them. The companies who have a very large or ultra-large scale integration and who came up with these ideologies also motivated other companies to do such kind of work indirectly but created some bad impacts on the minds of local traders and shop owners as their marketing and sales got slightly decreased. Although, apart from its various advantages and benefits, this e -pharmacy traders also face some challenges from their beginning to their prime. These companies were not able to set the images of that business into the heads of older generation people s those peoples are not completely aware of the technology and find it difficult to access it completely. Another challenge that these companies face is Aaj network issues as sometimes poor connectivity of internet available and telecommunication lines disturb their customer relation and satisfaction.

Authorities and Regulations


Although we know that the e pharmacies are a growing and emerging concept in India it is also facing some struggles and challenges regarding the registration, authorisations, guidelines, and legal formalities issued by various authorities which regulate all of these online pharmacies on different parameters and it has been a big hurdle for them. We know that they have great popularity but still, the sales sometimes don’t show quite good results and it is sometimes due to their relation with retail traders and is subjected to their hostility. These retail traders have also created an association named as All Indian Organisation of chemists and druggists (AIOCD). Apart from this, another big challenge for e-pharmacies is regarding registration because the union health ministry has let down some rules and guidelines regarding e-pharmacy registration and that is every e pharmacy needs to be registered with Central Drug Standard Control Organisation(CDSCO)and it is the chief licence in regulatory authority for sales of Pharmaceutical substances in India.

Artificial Intelligence in e-Pharmacies


We know that in recent times when our whole country is going towards the use of digitalisation in almost every field with different types of schemes and models so it also came up in the field of Pharmaceutical management. Nowadays we are already seeing that the use of computersis along with dedicated designed software are in many actions as most of the work is done with the support of the computer system like data handling, data analysing, record maintenance, accounting and many more. Peoplecomputers across all over the world who are using computers would have never thought that one day the computer system would advise them that what to do and what not. Creative and logical thinking along with continuous hard work and passion created one thing that was just like a human brain which takes all the commands or in simple terms it was like an artificial brain which carries its own intelligence and power. Artificial intelligence in the field of pharmaceuticals haS also done a great job for its management t helps all the customers by recommending the customers to purchase those medicines which are really good according to the feedback it receives based on our searches. It also stores data sometimes so that the customer does not face any issues regarding the purchase of those medicines which he or she has already bought.

Combining the technology of artificial intelligence with pharmacy also helps to create medicines as it supports simulation modelling, 3D graphical representations, quantitative and qualitative analysis etc. According to many surveys, artificial intelligence is introduced into the Pharmaceutical field for just the primary purpose that it should reduce extra human effort in terms of finance, marketing, manufacturing and customer support. Artificial intelligence in almost every field includes various types of methods which are not completely known to people but I still need to be considered and it includes machine learning, deep learning, digital prototyping, simulation modelling, in-silico designing etc. In the current time, without the proper installation and use of artificial intelligence programs in electronic modes, would create many challenges and difficulties for online traders to sell up their products at a much faster rate because if online support is not present there for purchase and customer support, then only telecommunications will be the only one option left and it is not possible to run the pharmacy just only by the help of telecommunication network as it also has many limitations like multiple customer handling at a time and full feeling all the demands of the customer.

Marketing and Management


Marketing is one of the biggest sectors and areas of work which every company contains and is done in very large-scale integration. Anywho product, manufactured by any company across the globe needs to get sold by any customer or any other organisation and this leads to the initiation of marketing. The marketing sector of any company constitutes a big team assembled by various personalities which have different types of specialisations and they work together for the benefit of the company. The management of the marketing sector is done by the manager and head of the department to think in the circulate the same direction and then circulating the finalizations. For any product which needs to be sold, the marketing and sales team looks after many aspects like good quality of product, customer attraction and satisfaction, premium and non-premium advertisement and also post-marketing surveillance after this, they also take feedback and advice from people to come up again with better strategies and techniques.

Indic case of e-pharmacies, those companies that work on an ultra-large scale and are also able to expand their business across other countries, have a very strong and creative marketing approach for increasing up their sales. These companies usually use some popular faces whose presence in their advertisements can increase the demand among different kinds of people. They mainly try to crack the deal with them on the basis of a contract or a bond in which it mainly shows that the person who is going to endorse their brand would get a specific amount for promoting their brand for a given time period and then the company can sign mother contract with them on the basis of their performance. It has been seen that whenever any popular face endorses any brand among the people, they are more attracted towards the advertisement to purchase the products in a belief that if their favourite celebrities are promoting those products then they are really good to purchase and use. The companies also try to attract the audience and the customers by giving them offers and offering great deals and discounts on some categories of medicines and other Pharmaceutical devices so that the customer won’t think twice whenever he tries to purchase anything. They also tie up with some other brands as they will provide free vouchers whenever any customer purchases anything other than medicines so that they can also have a look at their products as well.


Advertisements play a crucial role in the marketing field as advertising any medicine through various supporting factors. Advertising any product in the national language as well as in the regional and local languages sometimes also shows a great response in terms of marketing and sales as many peoples of different states mainly uses their local languages for speaking and listening. The other supporting factors include the addition of music and jingles as it also helps to attract many peoples. Another way in which these e-pharmacies promote their business and marketing is through various sponsorships and investment methods. These online companies mainly target popular television shows, and digital media platforms to sponsor them by investing money so that the company's name is visible before the title of any show and then promoting it again and again on a regular basis via conveying the message through the help of popular actors and celebrities. So there are many ways by which this online e-pharmacies do their marketing and promote the business to gain more profit and popularity.

Logistics and Delivery


The logistics and delivery part is also one of the most important parts of any e-pharmacy company because any online purchase is incomplete without delivering the product to the customer at its doorstep. The logistics department of any company takes complete care of their customer for their satisfaction and also avail some offers for the customer for rapid delivery. This helps both the customer and the company in a mutual way as the company get a premium when the customer wants a better service experience if he or she is comfortable buying the premium version and getting people server-related quick and rapid deliveries. They also provide the cash on delivery (COD) option for doing the payments of the purchase for those peoples who are not completely aware of the digital money transfer procedures and also who are facing network aur server related issues. The logistics and delivery department of any e-pharmacy company also promotes manpower and employability as they provide opportunities to those underprivileged, poor and needy persons to earn some specific amount of money to run their livelihoods. They promote employability by providing the job of a delivery executive to persons who are able to find locations and deliver the product to the correct customer by just reading out the details and recognising them.

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