Eco-Friendly Fashion Is Spreadıng Worldwide!

Eco Frıendly | Fashıon | World wide | 02nd September 2022 | Virtual Wire



As the whole world is taking measures against the fast warming of our planet, the fashion industry is also attempting to adapt itself to a more sustainable world step by step.

Some fashion brands have already adopted the notion of “eco-fashion". They aim to minimize the effect that the fashion industry has on the environment. What’s more, their purpose is to provide better working conditions for workers who produce clothes as well as to present healthy products such as organic cotton, plant-based dyes and recyclable materials to consumers.

Of course, it takes energy and water to make clothes; however, minimizing the negative impact of the industry is remarkable compared to fast fashion, which has nothing to do with cutting emissions. emissionsAs consumers, we should also do our homework and take action. We should first keep wearing our old favourite clothes. Then, in case it is necessary to buy new ones, we should fill our wardrobes with clothes that are made from recyclable eco-friendly materials. There are even some products made from fruits!


Exchanging clothes with friends is also a good way to contribute to the environment while improving the social bonds with our friends at the same time. Whether governments implement measures taken at summits, it is up to us to adopt an eco friendly lifestyle in order to be able to protect our beloved planet.

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