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Education | Boon | 05th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



We can compare education as a boon for us, as we could never be called the most intelligent creature on earth.

The use of technologies and the vast information let it be anything: history, geography, biology etc. We know all these things just because we are educated. Let's know more about it.

Why is Education Important?

Being educated gives another level of respect in society. We learn to behave well and also get aware of what is wrong and what is right for us. It is a boon for us to be educated not only for ourselves but also for those who lack this.


What Changes Does Education Bring?


There are many changes that occur through education. Some of these are as follows:

  • Education builds self-confidence and awareness of oneself.

  • Education develops the creativity of the mind.

  • All these technologies and what all we know about is just because of education.

Why is Education Necessary?


Education is necessary because it tackle many of our days to day life problems like poverty, unemployment, child labour, women's exploitation and many uncountable difficult situations that we face every day.

Problems Faced Due to Illiteracy:


There are many problems that are faced by people who are illiterate, to the people who are literate. Illiterates find it hard to understand the technical things and this creates problems for literates to make them understand the whole procedure. Sometimes illiterates are used by the literates for their own uses and exploited a lot.

  • Exploitation.

  • Child Labour.

  • Disrespect of women.

  • Disrespect for the country’s norms and regulations.

Are some of the problems faced by illiteracy. Now I hope that you all agree with my point “Education is a boon”. We ourselves should make the best use of education and make people aware of this boon. “Get the education and Give education”.

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