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Friend's, these days you must be hearing a lot about 5G technology. Especially since its trials have started in India, many controversies have started regarding it.

In the coming days, we will soon be connected to this new technology very soon and it will also become an important part of our life. But what is this new 5G technology…? How will it affect our environment and our lives…? It is also very important for us to know the answer to all these questions. In today's blog, I have tried to answer these important things. So let's talk in-depth on all these things one by one.

What is 5G?

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5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is a new standard for broadband cellular networks. Its role in the field of wireless networks is going to be huge. It is anticipated that 5G will provide better connectivity as well as increase the speed of data transmission through the new radio frequency by advanced antenna, that too more reliably. You can consider 5G as an upgraded version of 4G.

This technology has been designed keeping in view the increasing demands in the future. Its best advantage will be that it will greatly increase the speed of mobile networks, reduce the latency very much and also improve the flexibility of wireless services. It is estimated that 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G. Where till now the speed of 4G was 1Gbps [gigabits per second], the speed of 5G will be 20Gbps [gigabits per second]. Due to this new improved technology, its effect will be seen in the coming days.

This will not only improve the existing broadband connection but will also open avenues for innovations. The arrival of 5G will benefit in the innovation of those smart devices, which are currently being researched such as IoT ( internet of things), automated cars, AI (artificial intelligence), and many other devices. It will be also helpful in other fields like education, health, defence, business, and agriculture, etc.

How does 5G works?

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Before using any technology, it is very important to know how it works. So now, let's talk about how 5G technology will work….. 5G technology works on the radio spectrum which is the part of electromagnetic radiation. It ranges from 30 hertz to 300 gigahertz. It means its frequency is very high called EHF (extremely high frequency). Due to the high frequency, it transmits large amounts of data very fast but at the same time, it loses the ability to travel as far.

5G will have a wavelength range of about 1,000 feet which is not even 2℅ of 4G. Due to this drawback, more and more 5G towers and antennas will have to be installed to make it's signal better and more reliable. If we talk about the benefits of 5G completely then its biggest advantage is being told that it will have better bandwidth which will give higher downloads than too with faster speed. According to an estimate, its speed will be more than 10 gigabits. This was the talk of the benefits of the arrival of 5G.

Disadvantages of 5G

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Now let's talk about the damage that can be caused by this 5G, which scientists around the world are anticipating. Just as every coin has two sides, in the same way, there are many advantages of 5G as well as there is a possibility of many disadvantages. The waves emanating from 5G are very powerful. A large amount of radiation comes out from these powerful Waves, which is very dangerous for humans, plants, and other organisms. If we talk about the effect of these radiations on humans, then due to this the risk of diseases like

cancer is maximum.

According to a report published in 2011 by IARC ( International Agency For Research On Cancer), an agency of WHO, it was published that EMF radiation can be carcinogenic to humans. And also in 2017, over 190 scientists from 39 nations wrote an appeal to the UN & WHO caution against exposure to such radiation and called for strict guidelines around wireless technology arguing that these pose health risks and will add to a new form of environmental pollution. They argued that the WHO has not done enough to issue protective guidelines on this subject and called for a moratorium on the rollout of 5G until potential hazards were investigated by independent scientists.

5G radiation can prove to be dangerous not only for humans but also for other organisms. The strength of radiation emanating from 5G will be very powerful which can cause more harm to birds. It has been found from research that wireless frequencies interface with the

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navigational systems and circadian rhythms of birds, affecting migration. In the study of Punjab University, it was found that the eggs of sparrows get deformed when they come in contact with the radiation of the cell tower. Not only this, but another study also revealed that bees exposed to low band spectrum radiation from 10 minutes suffered colony collapse disorder.

And some research has found that insects, including honeybees, absorb more radiation from cell towers which can cause changes in the behaviour of insects over time. All this research is warning us of the dangers of 5G, somewhere. More towers will be used in 5G, which will emit more radiation and that radiation will have a greater impact on humans and the environment. Not only this, with the advent of 5G, the use of other gadgets will also increase, due to which electronics pollution will also increase, as well as power consumption will increase.


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Before using any technology, it is necessary to check both its aspects. Whichever technology has more harm than an advantage, then it is necessary to make efforts to improve that technology so that maximum benefit can be taken from it. The list of benefits of 5G technology is being shown so long, the dangers caused by it also cannot be denied. Although more research is going on right now, it may be too early to say anything. But we have to try to understand not only the advantages but also the disadvantages of 5G because

vigilance is very important.

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