Effects of over population!

Population | Effect | 07th October 2021 | Virtual Wire

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A population is a group of living organisms of the same species located in the same place at the same time.


  • The number of students in physics class.

  • Human population in a city.

  • The number of workers in the office.

  • Reasons for overpopulation.

  • High Birth Rate.

  • Early Marriage System.

  • Poverty.

  • illiteracy.

  • Age-old cultural norm.

  • illegal migration.

  • Family Planning Facilities.

  • Religious beliefs.

  • Health Care.

High Birth Rate

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The birth rate is still higher than the death rate. Due to this our the population is increasing very fast.

Early Marriage system

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The age of marriage of girls in our country is 18 years. But in some places, girls are married at a young age in this way, due to which the years of their conception increase and the population increases.


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Poverty is very high in India, due to which the family thinks that the more members in the house, the more sources of income there will be, hence the population is also increasing.