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A population is a group of living organisms of the same species located in the same place at the same time.


  • The number of students in physics class.

  • Human population in a city.

  • The number of workers in the office.

  • Reasons for overpopulation.

  • High Birth Rate.

  • Early Marriage System.

  • Poverty.

  • illiteracy.

  • Age-old cultural norm.

  • illegal migration.

  • Family Planning Facilities.

  • Religious beliefs.

  • Health Care.

High Birth Rate

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The birth rate is still higher than the death rate. Due to this our the population is increasing very fast.

Early Marriage system

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The age of marriage of girls in our country is 18 years. But in some places, girls are married at a young age in this way, due to which the years of their conception increase and the population increases.


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Poverty is very high in India, due to which the family thinks that the more members in the house, the more sources of income there will be, hence the population is also increasing.


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Even today, the methods of family planning i.e. methods of contraception in our country, that is, the methods of pride. Many people do not know about them and some people are shy to talk about it and do not use these things and because of this, the population is increasing.

Age-old cultural norm

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Boys in India are called old age sticks of parents, which means that when the parents get old, the boy will take care of them. Because of this, they keep giving birth to children until they have a boy. Because of this, the population is also increasing.

Reasons of overpopulation

Illegal migration

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India's boundary is also bordered by many countries. Many people from these countries come to India illegally and start living. Because of this also the population of our country is increasing.

Family planning facilities

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In the backward areas of our country, running from family planning is not given properly. The facility is limited only to the cities, so the population of the village is increasing rapidly.

Religious beliefs

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There are many religions in our country. Some of these religions believe that using contraceptive means is against their religion. So they don't use it. This is also one of the reasons for the increase in population.

Health care

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Medical science has made a lot of progress in today's world, due to which a person is saved very easily in case of illness, accident or any other disease, Due to this the death rate is gradually decreasing. Now if the death rate is low, then the population will gradually increase.

Effects of overpopulation


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In a country where there is more population, unemployment is also more in that country because the number of people working there is more. But the number of jobs is very less. Due to which many people remain unemployed.

Resource utilization

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In countries where the population is high, there is also a shortage of resources in those countries. like Land area, Water resources, Forest are overexploited. There is also a scarcity of resources.

The problem of food

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The more people in a country, the more people will demand more food. That is why in the country which has more population, there is an equal shortage of food in that country.


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Overpopulation leads to unemployment. If people remain unemployed then they will not earn. If they do not earn then poverty will spread which is very bad for the growth of any country.

Low standard of living

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When people do not have jobs, they will not earn. When they do not earn, they do not even have enough money to meet the needs of their life, due to which their living standard also goes down.

Social problems

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Due to the high population, people do not have employment and they start living in slums, the area of the settlements is very unhygienic. Where there is a lot of filth, due to which major diseases spread.

☞ People who do not have employment and need money to meet their life needs. If so, they choose the wrong path. Like looting, begging, prosecution. The main reason for increasing all these problems in any country is considered to be unemployment.

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