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India is the third-largest carbon-emitting country in the world, with 6% of the global CO2 emissions from fuel combustion.

According to 2018 WHO’s Global Air Pollution, 14 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Apart from being more environmentally friendly, Covid made us question everything like shared commute, personal safety, rise in price fares so on. As per NITI Aayog by 20230 80% of two and three-wheelers will be electric. The global electric scooter market and electric motorcycle market are expected to account for 6,193 thousand units by 2027. Electric two-wheelers are becoming increasingly popular across the world, and India too has joined in towards this growing trend. As the nation gears toward its ‘Zero-emission’ 2070 dream, funds and focus are directed toward electric mobility. There are many reasons for choosing electric vehicles (EVs ) over traditional fuel-based vehicles.


  • Electric motors are far more environmentally efficient than petrol-based ones.

  • With recent fuel rate increases we can save a lot of money with an electric bike. Right now electric two-wheelers cost a little bit more or about the same as regular fuel-powered ones, especially those that run on lithium-ion ( Li-ion) batteries. But if we consider the long-term expenses, like the costs of fuel and maintenance, it turns out that electric bikes will save you a lot more money.

  • They are super convenient to charge, the electric bike has an electric motor. Their capacity can be from 20AH to 40AH and need to be charged with electricity. After charging fully for 6-10 hours, most electric bikes can be ridden for about 75 to 150 kilometers before their batteries run out. They are also low maintenance and easy to use, making them an excellent investment.

Countries like Norway, and China are decades ahead of India when it comes to Electric vehicles. There are a lot of concerns about these vehicles.


  • The cost is one of the concerning points for an individual when it comes to buying an electric vehicle. EV is no more be cheaper after a certain saturation point. Battery cost is going to be a pressing issue for the Electric bike buyers because they are new to both market and customers the battery issue requires at least 5 years to surface this will going to be impacted in a long run. Li-ion battery in electric vehicles is built to last 6-7 years or hardly 8 years. After kilometres of the battery decay period of an electric vehicle battery, its use remains with no other choice than to buy a newer battery which costs nearly 3/4 of the whole vehicle's cost.

  • Charging stations are the most pressing issue among people thinking to opt for electric vehicles. Electric vehicle-making company has their own different charging port which is becoming a hurdle to setting up a proper charging ecosystem. many EV users complained about facing moral trouble for charging their vehicles different EV-making companies arguing stations which can impact the growth of the EV industry.


  • Lack of standardization is a curse to the Indian electric vehicle industry; it’s damaging the present and future of the EV market. Every second electric scooter has its own different charging port, which affects the charging station infrastructure because no specific charging station can be built that can charge all types of electric vehicles.

  • The Battery Explosion is the most trending and as well as serious problem with the EV. Because this problem is directly related to the “life of people” it must be taken very seriously its solution should be prioritized. Now to solve any problem, first, we need to educate it properly like what are all the safety measures that one should take care of to avoid a battery explosion. Basic knowledge like while charging up the vehicle it tends to heat up Temperature can affect the performance of an EV battery to a large extent which makes EV inappropriate for too cold or too hot regions in our country. The battery can give its ideal performance when it’s in use under the temperature range of 15-40 degrees. With Proper knowledge and providing basic infrastructure EVs have lower operating, and maintenance costs, and to protect the environment from harmful emissions, there are lots of reasons why we should choose our next two-wheeler should be an electric one.

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