Elon Musk and the secret behind the success!

Elon Musk | Sucess | 07th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Elon Musk is the most successful and greatest entrepreneur of current times, co-founder of Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX.

Musk's net worth exceeds $300 billion and currently, he's the topmost wealthiest person on earth. What is it that makes Elon Musk special? The best thing about Musk that makes him special and successful is that he's.


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Elon always thinks out of the box and that is what makes him different from others. His ideas at first might seem impossible but once they get accomplished world gets a new invention. One such example would be his company SpaceX. Musk founded SpaceX with an aim to revolutionize the aerospace industry by making spaceflights affordable and colonizing Mars, which wasn't even considered possible by others, but guess what? the company emerged out to be a great success later. This alone tells a lot about Musk's creativeness.


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One more quality that he (Elon) has is he never stops, he keeps on experimenting. His life's journey itself is proof of it, starting from zip2 to founding Tesla and SpaceX he has come a long way. It was Elon's experimental behaviour only that he founded SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and The Boring Company. Because if Elon wanted he could have easily settled starting a profitable business company but he didn't, instead he came up with a whole new idea that had no surety of success and experimented on it. So this experimental mindset of Elon is a quality that plays an important role in his success.

A fearless risk-taker

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Elon doesn't fear taking risks and it is this quality only that has made Tesla a big success. When Elon's first company zip2 got sold he went on to co-found a new company named X.com (later renamed PayPal). After some years PayPal too got sold and was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion, Elon from the selling got $180 million as he held 11.7% of the company's share. And from that money, he decided to fund Tesla, SpaceX. He knew well that it was a huge risk to stake all the money and the chance of failing was more dominant than succeeding. But he took the risk and now Tesla is worth $64 billion. This itself speaks loud about how fearless risk-taker Elon Musk is.


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Elon's farsightedness can be seen in every action he does and the most prominent example of it would be his dream project of colonizing Mars. The reason Elon wants to colonize Mars is because he's looking for earth's replacement; so that if in future somehow earth becomes uninhabitable then humans can shift to Mars and establish a sustainable society there. So this particular trait of Elon has also played a very important role in his success as everything he starts has a vision and planning behind it.

A Doer and not just a thinker

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Elon doesn't just thinks and plan but delivers. He works really hard to doesn't turn his dreams into reality and doesn't give up until the goals he set are achieved. So these were some of the major traits/qualities of Elon Musk that constitute his success and makes him what he's today.

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