Embrace Your Selflessness!

Embrace | Selflessness | 13th October 2022 | Virtual Wire



Not everyone knows the art of living for others in today's world. So, it's important to embrace your selfless love for others.

Nowadays, everyone keeps their own self prior to the need of the moment. No one wants to

see anyone in a better place than themselves. And this harsh reality of the world has made life even worse for people. It's not like that being selfish is wrong because a selfish speak person is just assured of themselves, more focused on their speaking goal, speaks up for themselves or simply they have a different perspective towards life and things. Then it's the other way round for selflessness i.e. one is more thoughtful about others and takes a stand for them in good/bad times, embracing and caring for others. Everyone is both selfish and selfless in their own ways i.e. all have this dual nature. It's just that, people have to understand the need of the hour and show their proper side according to the situation. If it's like that one has not to be an evil person, it's also the other way that one neither has to befall prey to others. It's just that in a world full of snakes all around, you better be a loyal pup for the people you care for or for your loved ones. The world needs humanity, the loyalty that resides in the depth of your heart.


The world has its own perception of being selfish and selfless that a selfish person always takes and a selfless person always gives and is always accepted with warmth and goodness. Neither of them is good or bad either. But being selfish doesn't provide a true sense of happiness for a very long time. Selflessness means to care for or do something for others without any expectations or compensation. It's an act of healing, of radiating love and care. It's the key to all relationships, happiness and fulfilment. It gives immense inner peace and pleasure that can't be evaluated. Not every time, your people will get to know the worth of your selfless actions for them and at such times, you might feel disheartened or guilty of forgetting yourself midway in making way for others to excel. Even in such situations, embrace your selflessness, and understand that not everyone can keep others prior to self-happiness or success. Just imagine the change your actions might have brought to others' lives, and helped them to slowly hustle out of their struggles.


Just the thought of seeing others smile because of you will make your life more meaningful. And one day, this will eventually enhance your relationship with your closest people. It's never wrong to be thoughtful about your people or care for them, it's as pure as loving or selflessly loving them. No matter, whether the other person does the same way for you or not. Your goodness is not tempted by others' way of living. You must be the first to embrace your selflessness in life because if you yourself will not embrace it then no one else can. Some will not respect your gestures and others will just keep very interfering against your side and no one is ever going to accept your actions in their favour. So, you yourself have to take the hold in your hand and keep going on the path of selflessness i.e. without expecting any favours in return, the world needs some genuine goodness, which is an admirable trait of a real human being.

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