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Emotions: How Does It Manage Our Life?

Benefits | Emotional Intelligence | Life | 31st December 2022 | Virtual Wire



Emotions are one of the inherent qualities that the human beings are born with. So, by nature, human beings are emotional creatures.

Elements of emotions are, love, anger, grief, depression e.t.c which are the driving tools of our soul & help to conduct my life easier for most of the parts. But, there are drawbacks of emotions which makes our life fall apart or takes us behind in the hasty drift of life. Sometimes emotions make us see things more clearly and prospectively than brains, which is affirmative to emotions. Emotions are like a river, which flows & flows unless something drastically thwarts its way. Anyhow, human beings can’t live without emotions, rather lacking emotions makes our life dull & pale.

In our daily lives, emotions play a major role – from waking up to going to bed, we are driven by emotions – which are both conscious and subconscious. Conscious emotions are felt when we realize the source of the emotions, such that, if we’re hurt by something, it physically hurts first then, we feel the panic in our heart and we cry. But, subconscious emotions are so unexplainable sometimes that we almost forget why we expressed such emotions so impulsively in the first place. Many times, someone has definitely experienced such strong kind of emotions when, they see an old picture, read a good book, smell a favourite recipe or even watch an overdramatic film. People can’t help such emotions to take place as they are so impulsive and spontaneous.


However, rational we are in our life, there are such things in the world which can drive us emotionally emotions very easily. Sometimes, we also don’t know why we’re acting the way we’re doing, but while deeply thinking, we find that it is the underlying emotional take an active part in our attitude. Sometimes, some specific and focused questions, such as - why I acted in such a way? What emotional change has imbalance had in the past few times? can get us rid away of emotional imabalance. So, overall the point is, often the reason or root cause of the problem is not what we think but our personal emotional state which affects our life ultimately. So, emotions are quite a complex subject, but once we are aware of the nuances in ourselves, then it is quite simple. According to Ekman, who developed the wheel of emotions, “ It would be very dangerous if we didn’t have emotions. It would also be a dull life. Because basically, our emotions drive us –– excitement, pleasure, even anger.”

Emotional Intelligence


It is another important aspect of emotion, which means to control our emotions or direct our emotions in the well-being right way to achieve personal success, development & wellbeing. People with high emotional intelligence tend to lead a life in a balanced way- they don’t feel overexcited even in the happiest moment or feel disappointed in their downfall. They lead life silently and remain calm in every situation. They empathise with others building strong relationships. They usually have a positive outlook towards life. One can be emotionally aware by practising a few things for responding well. This might involve active listening, showing empathy & offering support to others during difficult times. In conclusion, we can say emotions are precious stones among all other gravels in life which if we hold by judiciously, it can make our journey more beautiful, tranquil and profound.

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