Escapism – Should we indulge or escape?

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A lot of us have the tendency to daydream or immerse ourselves in the fantastical world of novels, movies and television series.

This kind of tendency to keep oneself distracted from the unpleasant realities of the real world is known as escapism or escapist behaviour. In simpler words, it is just a way of escaping reality and indulging in the comforting fantastical world instead. Our lives can be beyond stressful at points and that is when most of our escapist tendencies take place, whether it be unconsciously or intentionally. In a way, it is simply a coping mechanism.

As long as it is only being used as a mere coping strategy, escapism can be seen in implications positive light. As a positive coping mechanism, it is just one of the many methods to reduce stress. When our lives get boring and monotonous then one is even more prone to displaying such escapist tendencies, simply to entertain themselves. Such techniques can also be used to deal with one’s loneliness or even depression in major cases.

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However, when one uses escapist strategies to avoid or completely ignore their reality then it is seen as a detrimental method. It severely affects the normalcy of that individual, impacting them mentally and psychologically. This kind of behaviour can even lead to confusion between the real and the imaginary world, dissociating oneself entirely from the actual world and leading to many such psychological disorders. Some people go to the extents of using substances like alcohol and drugs in an excessive amount in order to escape life. This is certainly one of the most serious and dangerous implication of escapist behaviour.

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Escapism or escapist behaviour can be seen in many forms from simple daydreaming, binge-watching of television series, spending lots of time in one’s hobby of choice to harmful and excessive indulgence in alcohol, drugs or even sexual acts. If one is suffering from such detrimental ways of escapist tendencies then it is crucial to take up professional help and there are many mental health treatments and therapies that can help such an individual.

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