Eternal Happiness!

Eternal Happiness | 19th July 2022 | Virtual Wire



Happiness and satiety are what mankind had always desired. This very emotion of being happy is very amusing to us. We would go to vast extents in order to attain this mere emotion and end up hurting ourselves along the way.

Why is this emotion so dear to us? Why do we end up losing ourselves just to smile with pure bliss? Does material bring us happiness? Can we obtain it through hard work? These questions are quite simple yet complex. Now, if you were to look at possible ways of obtaining happiness, you would certainly fixate your eyes on money. "Money doesn't buy you happiness", as they say, yet, they always run after it.

They'd even kill for it if they have to. How come such a cruel thing brings you happiness? "But you can buy the things you love", surely, but perhaps you must remember, that material is bound to perish one day and so are you. Your happiness won't last long, will it? Now, that's not what you want right? You want eternal happiness, something you'd attain in both lives. You then proceed to look for another way, which is perhaps more steady and moral. You then come across your dreams, your ambitions, your goals. You desperately want to fulfil them, the spotlight you always yearned for, the dream job you always wanted, the dream college you were studying so hard to get in.


There you are standing on the pedestal, holding your beloved memories in your hands, swooning over your achievements, pure bliss isn't it? But what's next? What do you wish to accomplish now? Still not content? What is this emptiness that you are feeling? The most important thing you forgot to accomplish was the hearts of others. Feeling for others and helping them will bring you the utmost joy and satisfaction, not only in this life but also in the afterlife. People will remember your name and cherish you even after your death and that's why it's called eternal happiness.

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