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Etiquette is the side of conduct and sets of social rules that positive human interaction.

The word etiquette has to do with three things: formalities, protocol, and rules. There are many etiquettes like meeting, telephone, bathroom, business, eating, and social etiquette. The etiquette we practice can differ. It is about our respective occasions. Three qualities should stand behind all the manners we have. It is called the Principles of Etiquette. They are a consideration, respect, and honesty One of the most important etiquette is Social etiquette. It sums it all up. As humans, in most of our daily activities, socialization is inevitable. Therefore, you have got to know the normal and acceptable mode of conduct. Social etiquette is general etiquette that can be applied to other areas of life.

Social Etiquette


It is the behaviour you resort to in social situations. It is the way you interact with family, friends, team workers, and strangers. It is the behaviour you display in the public. This will influence how people will perceive and treat you.

Types of Social Etiquette


Face-to-face etiquette: This is your conduct when you meet a person

  • Greet the person: You can say hello, good morning,

  • Introduce yourself: Give a proper introduction of yourself, especially to someone that does not know.

  • Mind your choice of words: You won't want to go create a negative impression of yourself. Use the right words like words not subject to misinterpretation. Express yourself clearly.

  • Pay attention: listen carefully. Fix your eyes on the person to show you are attentive. Put your focus on the conversation. Don't interrupt by giving attention to other things like your phone and other activities around you.

Social Media Etiquette: This is your conduct on social media platforms


  • In connecting with people, introduce yourself and state your purpose.

  • If people fail to accept your invitation, request friendship, just let them be. You never can say what's going on.

  • Be sensitive in the content you make and post. Please be!

  • Get consent before sharing someone's content. Ensure you know if they will be comfortable with you tagging them or mentioning them in a post.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette: These are guidelines to follow and maintain social etiquette at online events.


  • Dress well: Let your attire match the event. This shouldn't be overlooked because it is online. It creates a positive impression of you and makes you confident.

  • Mute your microphones when you are not speaking to avoid unnecessary echoes and interruptions.

  • Be present and active. Sie the speaker you are respectively listening.

Other Social etiquettes are:


  • Use people's names: People love to know you remember their names. You can call them by it, it makes most happy. Say, good morning Mr. Joe, Mrs/Miss Jane. If you don't know it, you can call them Miss, Mr. Just be polite. Don't go about using irritating sounds to call people. Respect yourself. Remember, respect begat respect

  • Be observant: Pay attention to their mood, reactions, and expression. Know when to stop what you are saying. Know when something you do does not go well or go well with people.

  • Dress for the occasion: Different outfits for different occasions. Do well to abide by the rules. Not your pyjamas to a grocery store.

  • Be enthusiastic: Show enthusiasm about people's success, accomplishments, and family houses. It goes a long way.

  • Put down that mobile: Do put it down. Show that you are paying attention to them. Using or cradling your mobile in your hands while in a conversation shows there is someone else you rather love to chat or speak to or you have something else to attend to.

  • Offer up your seat: As long as you are in good health, offer up your seat to someone you know needs it. The person may have a poor state of health. It can be an aged person like a grandparent. It can be a pregnant woman. They are part of the etiquette and trust me, doing all these will be appreciated.

  • Be conscious of how you seat: Don't manspread. Sit decently. Sit like a gentle lady and man.

  • Cough and sneeze into your elbows. Don't pick your nose with your hands. Don't itch your private parts in public. You may have to excuse yourself to do this.

  • Hold the door for the person behind you: This is how it should be. And if someone does it for you. Appreciate it. Say 'thank you.

  • Learn to say thank you, sorry, please, and excuse me. They are magic words. That goes a long way.

  • Keep the noise down: Don't just unnecessary noise. Silence the ringer on your phone. Speak quietly. You may have to excuse yourself to answer phone calls to avoid unnecessary noise, especially for sensitive matters.

Importance of Etiquette


  • People don't see practising etiquette as being important because they don't know how far it can take you. Below is its importance.

  • It is important for a forever first impression. It defines your personality and upbringing.

  • It earns individual respect. People will love to associate with you. It is said to treat others the way you want them to treat you. So, practising good manners shows you have respect for others and they will also respect you.

  • It earns you trust. People will trust you in representing them. They are sure you will be well behaved.

Remember, your etiquette defines you. Your smallest act can make a bigger difference. Choose to be well-behaved. Choose to practice the set etiquette. It goes a long way

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