Extreme poverty in Brazil!

Brazil | Poverty | 20th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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The pandemic further exposes the country's poverty problem. With the pandemic issue that we have lived through these past two years, extreme poverty in the country continues to evolve every year in Brazil.

According to recent data from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the country had 13.5 million people in a critical situation, that is, extreme poverty according to World Bank criteria. Joining this index with people who are on the poverty line, the number becomes 25% of the Brazilian population. Thus, the poor distribution of resources, as well as the situation of poverty and extreme poverty, are factors that draw attention. Considering blacks and browns, 72.7% of those living in poverty or extreme poverty represent a total of 38.1 million people. And, among people in extreme poverty, black and brown women have the highest rate: 27.2 million.

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Importantly, the average per capita income of blacks and browns is half of what whites receive. In addition to this factor, the geographic distribution of poverty and extreme poverty is also very unequal in the country, 44% of the population below the poverty line in 2018 was from the Northeast region. Based on these data, Maranhão is considered the state with the highest poverty rate, with 53% of its population on the poverty line. In short, the states in the North and Northeast of the country have poverty figures far above what is considered the average for the country as a whole.

NIS Search (Social Identification Number) according to the survey carried out by the NIS, Maranhão, Paraíba and Piauí are the states with the highest number of incidence and poverty in households with children. In addition, the situation hinders access to health, work and standard of living, with 126,760 in Maranhão, 105,797 in Paraíba and 149,982 in Piauí. With these numbers, the vulnerability to access basic services for a dignified life is evident.

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Given these numbers and the index seen in research studies, poverty and extreme poverty have terrible effects on human dignity, especially for children and adolescents who often suffer irreparable consequences. In turn, this scenario is often irreversible and condemns those who live in this way to total vulnerability. Children living and growing up in an environment of few resources, where they are deprived of better conditions and exposed to violence, since they have no prospect of life, as they do not have the minimum basic conditions: study, work and automatically development into adulthood, keeping them in this sad cycle of poverty, or extreme poverty.

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