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Eyes are like natural cameras for human beings. It’s a 576-megapixel camera. One human eye can give about 130° angle view whereas both the eyes can give a 180° angle view, just like a binocular.

Eyes play a very crucial role in human lives, through eyes we can see the colourful and beautiful world around us. Without eyes, we can’t imagine doing our daily chores in a normal way. Eyecare, eye safety, and eye health are the same thing.

We, as humans tend to realize the importance of something after losing it and the same goes for the vision we get to realize its importance only when we are left to see the world with two rectangles or circles resting on our noses. That’s why we tend to ignore this precious gift until we come up with some serious issues which demand immediate action. So, to simply bypass any depressing loss to our eyes we have to take care of our eyes by following some easy steps.

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These are:

  • Give your eyes some rest while work or any eye-straining work.

  • Eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy diet.

  • Be aware of your family medical history and act accordingly.

  • Avoid or minimize smoking and drinking.

  • Use sunglasses and protective eye wears, whenever necessary.

  • Do regular exercises.

  • Take regular breaks and don’t focus for too much time on screen.

  • Manage stress.

It's better to take many steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward. ~ Old Chinese Proverb Thus, it's always better to start early instead of waiting for something alarming to happen. Start taking care of your eyes from TODAY!

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