Fast fashion and its effects

In today's world, we all want to look stylish and trendy and that's where fast fashion comes in the world of the internet we all have access to social media where we see our favourite celebrities and influencers wearing all those fashionable clothes and somewhere we also want to look like them.

Fast fashion is a phase in the world of fashion that changes very quickly and these days most people love to shop for different styles of clothing, bags, shoes, and jewelry. these days every single season has new trends and to look updated accordingly people Shop every season without realizing how much they're spending because of these fast fashion brands are extremely affordable and updated according to the new trends.

The fast fashion industry is growing day by day but most people don't know that the workers who work for these fast fashion brands are mostly underpaid or they have to work 14 to 16 hours a day or sometimes more than that. In few cases, they also practice forced labor including child labor and their workers don't have any rights, mostly they don't know which brand they're working for.

Fast fashion is a threat to the environment as well. Some brands are one of the reasons for the causes of air pollution and water pollution, they use harmful dyes and dump all the toxic waste into the rivers which affect the marine animals. they use fabrics like nylon, polyester, Rayon, Lyra, etc, which are not sustainable and do not decompose easily.

Instead of going crazy over these fast fashion brands, we must consider brands that are sustainable and Ethical in Nature, brands that do not harm the environment and add value to our Life. other options like thrifting through which you can save your money and can protect the environment as well.

Try to Shop from small businesses that work ethically and most of the time they have unique collections and better quality and services.


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