Feminism is not always about females!

Feminism | 07th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Many women don’t even know what feminism means. Ask yourself. Most of the females put down men to prove their superiority. So does many men. But when will we understand that the time we put them down to prove us superior is the same time we put our self down.

What do you have to prove by getting down on roads and shouting for the greatness you already are. I am a female myself.No offence, No blame game. But this is how I see things. The gender equality we all want so bad will never be attained until you realize, first, women must respect other women. A man must respect other men. Moreover, a human must respect other humans. I mean the problem starts right there.

Feminism is not a war against men. A woman dressing like a man is fashion but a man wears a pink shirt and he is gay? Wow right!. Because we ask the world “ who says pink are for girls and blue are for boys?” And we smile at men who grow nails, rides scooty and grow hair. Everyone deserves space to figure out and explore. Men too are fighting for things they don’t talk about. Where can we start? Maybe from the fact that, to how much men have we told in our life “boys shouldn’t cry”? fighting for equality we don’t really see men aren’t in a stage where everything is perfect.

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They too live under few taglines which they want to break. Most men face career pressure from their families which puts them into a circle at a very early age in their life. They give up most of their dream and get into the race of earning more than their neighbour’s son, uncle’s son and someone’s son who they don’t even know to exist. I mean even men deserve to figure out what they want to do.

Finding yourself should not be genderized it should be normalized.

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Now you might question me that women are also the same and come up with so many arguments. But how often do women get questioned “how much does your daughter earn?” From the bride groom’s side. Have you ever heard this in your life? Because I haven’t. Here a man is put under the pressure of earning more, at least for the sake of answering questions like that. The digits he earns decide who he marries, who respects him, who loves him.

We being the same generation judge each other so harsh. Women often say men don’t understand the pain of child delivery and menstruation cramps. Yay sure. But have you ever thought someone has told or talked to him about that. The women in his house, college and workplace still see that topic as taboo and hid their sanitary pads .when we share our feelings maybe we will be astonished to know what? they are going through and they will respect us for what we go through.

Maybe next time when your friend or someone you know goes through difficulties and changes we should stand by them instead of putting them on labels. We created certain labels for gender and even today’s millennials judge each other. We all are that “judgmental society “we fear. Maybe we can really mind our own business or stand by people without pushing our opinion in their life.

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Saying our opinion is great but insulting their choice by forcing our morals into their life is the worst thing to do. We already live in the world of uncertainty the last thing to do is, give everyone their space to live. This is not a superiority war. No matter what there is always going to be some differences. But remember differences are not always weaknesses. Maybe we can stop fighting for the throne and understand there is no such thing as a throne.

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