First come first get: GOOD or BAD?

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There's Something Bad in Everything Good and Something good in Everything Bad. Delhi University has an aura and charm among teenagers for providing exposure to studies as well as co-curricular activities.

The teachers are well-qualified, the campus is most often peaceful and learner-friendly. DU has remained in the limelight whether it’s for the exclusion of some “radical” texts from English courses or the activities of election times but this time heat of the moment is the “admission process”.

We all are best relieved from the mechanism that DU follows for admission,i.e. “First come, first, get” principle isn’t followed in university but on the other hand, it has posed different sets of problems in recent times. With Hindu College getting over 100 applications for a 20-seats course the miserable consequence of not following the “First come first get” principle has surfaced. In fact, it has resulted in over admissions in almost every course. Due to the abandonment of Papers during COVID times, almost 60-70 % per cent of DU applicants had secured more than 95% marks in 12th boards, whether they are from the CBSE board, ICSE board, or any of the state board. This has resulted in the over-absorption of students in almost all of the courses despite the high cut-off demands of colleges.

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Moreover, it had altered deeply the student-teacher ratio in various courses over various colleges which will further alter the learning process of students, which is already damaged

by COVID. As you can’t get both tail and head simultaneously by tossing a fair coin you can’t get only good results from any policy or procedure and the same goes for the criteria which DU uses for its admissions. The only thing which can be demanded is further improvements.

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