Five Benefits of Reading Books!

Books | Reading | Benefits | 23rd September 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Book reading not only increases our knowledge but it has many benefits which very few people know about. Maybe this is the reason why people are not giving so much importance to reading books in the present time.

Most of the youths waste their precious time on the internet surfing, watching TV, or chatting with friends on phone calls. There are very few people in today's era who are interested in reading books. In many scientific types of research, it has been found that reading books not only increases our knowledge but also has several benefits. In today's blog, I will tell you five big benefits of reading books. After knowing these benefits, maybe you can also start reading books.

Reading Books Keeps the Brain Healthy

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"A person with a healthy mind is capable of doing any work as well as can handle any kind of situation in life." Just as the body needs exercise to keep it healthy, in the same way, our brain also needs exercise to stay healthy so that it can work properly. Reading books is like an exercise for our brain. When we read books, we use our brain, and the more we use it, the more it develops. The psychiatrists also recommend reading books to keep the mind healthy.

Reading Books Reduce Stress

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"In 2009, the research assessed by the University of Sussex in the UK found that reading a book or newspaper for 6 minutes reduces the stress of any person by 68%." In today's time, most people are getting a lot of stress regarding their works, education, careers, or personal relationships, etc. Apart from this, excessive use of social media is also causing people stress. The best way to reduce all these stresses is to read books. Many authors believe that by reading books, our attention is diverted from stressful things so that our stress level decreases.

Reading Books Boosts Creativity

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