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Food, the word itself describes its importance. Each bite of it is indeed very important. A man can live just for 3-4 days without food. It is the primary and most important source of energy.

Why is food important?


Food is important because one needs the energy to do all of his work. That means food is like fuel to our body, just as a little drop of petrol makes the vehicle run similarly, each little bite of food helps. Food is the basic necessity for life's existence, without food our body cannot function properly.

How is food wasted and how can we stop it?


In big restaurants, the leftovers are packed and dumped in the dump yard. Instead of doing so, they can distribute the leftovers to slum people who starve due to poverty, or they can distribute it to footpath sleepers who even cannot afford a piece of bread. Secondly, a large portion of food is wasted in our homes. We should make an adequate amount of food, in case it is left instead of throwing it in dustbins we should use it to feed stray animals.

How can we help the poor from starving?


Starving means a lack of energy in one's body due to insufficient intake of food. We can rescue these types of people by making a small quantity of food for them as each little bite of food helps. By doing so we can solve two problems :

  • The starving people will get their food.

  • The problem of food wastage from home.

So, I hope that you have understood the importance of each bite of food. We should stop wasting food unnecessarily. We should make the best use of food and also offer it to needy ones.

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