Foods to Eat on a Diet!

Food | Diet | 07th February 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Are you looking to lose weight but can't follow a strict diet? Can't resist yourself from those hunger pangs that strike you unknowingly?

If the answer to the questions is a yes and a no, you've arrived at the right place. Here, I list five foods that you can eat whenever you feel hungry without sacrificing your diet.



Oats are one of the best meals that you can eat when on a diet because they are very filling. Moreover, they are also nutrient-rich as they contain high amounts of protein and fibre. Oats are usually eaten in a salty and spicy way. However, if you have a sweet tooth, it can be consumed by adding sugar and milk. Studies have shown that the consumption of oats reduced hunger and provided a feeling of fullness.


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Another protein-rich food, an egg is also one of the best food items to eat when on a strict diet. They are not only low-calorie but also contain various minerals and vitamins essential for your body. Eggs can be eaten raw(boiled) or spiced up and eaten as an omelette. However, refrain from adding too much oil or butter while cooking as it defeats the purpose of a calorie-controlled diet.


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Maybe you didn't expect this one, but popcorns are also a very filling food item. They are very rich in fibre. Fibre helps to slow down the digestion process, which reduces cravings. Popcorn is an ideal choice because it can be stored and is a ready-to-eat snack. It is perfect for those who get hunger pangs when working/ studying.



Legumes such as beans and peas are also a viable food option to eat on a diet. They are protein-rich and have lots of fibre, which contributes to filling your stomach. Legumes can be eaten raw as a salad or cooked and eaten with chapati. Studies show that people who had legumes as a meal were fuller than people consuming meat, despite both being protein-rich foods.



Another mouth-watering snack that one can eat without feeling guilty is watermelon. Because of its high water content, watermelon is filling and keeps your body hydrated. They contain vital nutrients such as Vitamin A and C. The best part is that they are a kind of a ready-to-eat snack.


Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, berries, and broccoli are other popular food options that you can try out. Conclusively, there are several options to eat while maintaining your diet. However, it ultimately depends on whether you want to achieve your dream physique by working out and eating healthy!

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