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Ford Model T | Car | 15th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



A new era began. The first automobiles were on the road just before the 1900s. However, it didn’t mean everybody could buy a car.

Many people still used horses as basic transport. It was that time when Henry Ford aimed at manufacturing cars that everyone could afford. He rolled his sleeves and started manufacturing the first automobiles in 1908. Actually, Ford was not the first person to have built the first cars. Earlier this time, Karl Benz, from Germany, produced the first car in the world in 1885. However, the problem was that ordinary people couldn’t buy those cars. Henry Ford dreamt to produce a car that is affordable for everyone. His idea enabled Americans, even people from rural areas to possess a Model T. It connected people from the countryside to cities.

The production process of the Model T was also revolutionary. Henry Ford introduced “mass production” to the world. He built a factory in which he improved the assembly line, using conveyor belts. The first moving assembly line was used in the factory. Ford had intended to reduce the time to produce cars. Moreover, the factory was divided into sections, each section assembling a single part of the car. Though the price of a Model T at that time was not very low, Ford was decisive to lower the prices.


The Model T had also a nickname “Tin Lizzie". According to the claims, it was the name of the horses and it represented the passage from horses to cars in transportation. In 1927, the company decided not to produce the Model T anymore as new models emerged and the Model T became old-fashioned. The new Model A was introduced. But what happened to the thousands of tools and parts of the Model T? They all turned into scrap or ended up in landfill sites.

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