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When the pandemic hit, global activities came to a halt. The sense of seclusion trampled the normal societies around the world, as the populace was restricted to their houses. Every stagnant activity shifted to the domain of online mode including arranging meetings, businesses, and other corporate and government-related pursuits.

One of the most affected sectors of the population during this pandemic throughout the world were students. Students, who are considered the bane for the future of a country and its development, were devastated by this distortion in their regular studies.

One of the major setbacks from the online education that pupils felt was a lack of practical education. That environment inside a classroom is the most prominent set for a child to focus and prepare with absolute concentration was snatched away by the malefactor so-called the “Coronavirus.” The situation was not limited only to the students in India, but the echo of this effect was felt through the studious population throughout the whole


Foreign education is usually opted by a student with simple interest, to get acquainted with global standards of education and international opportunities. India is considered the largest country with one of the highest younger populations (i.e., below 25 years of age), which constitutes 33-34.33% of the total population in the nation.

India’s major export, as a matter of fact, our students. On an annual basis, approximately 4.5-5 lakh of students apply and deport for foreign studies, usually after completing their

schooling or under-graduation. The top countries for consideration by Indian students are the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, and others.

Getting admitted into one of the aforementioned countries as a student is quite hectic and requires patience and perseverance to actually get through the process. Various examinations like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, TOPIK, JLPT, etc. are conducted by the respective organizations and students burn the midnight oil to score good marking or bands in such tests and benchmarks.

With pandemic now visible on the radar and clearly affecting global activities, students who did get their confirmation from their desired university or those already pursuing their studies were left stranded in deciding of a lifetime to whether cancel their long life dream to get an international opportunity or take a risk to get out of the country with the pandemic at large.

Students who were following up with their studies on online mode were dissatisfied with the results of teaching, especially when they are paying a pretty hefty sum of money for their education. Many pupils felt the lower quality of education on the 14- inch screen of their laptops, walking through a horrendous nightmare of watching their fee money washing down the sink with no ultimate returns.

Research students, pursuing their MS/MSc or PhD from international universities were quite frustrated with online education as it led nowhere for them and their research work

were suspended due to the pandemic. Now, after a year of the pandemic and the Coronavirus hitting the mainstream population across the globe, many countries in early-2021 had started to open up their doors for welcoming back current students and celebrate new batches.

But, with the rise of more mutative and spreadable variants of COVID-19, i.e., the “Delta” variant which was first recorded in the UK has also hit several other countries like the USA, UK, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, etc.; but with the increasing number of people getting vaccinated and positive cases of the virus being carefully treated can curb the spread of the virus.

Students can return to their institutes after vaccinated twice as per government-issued regulations, as special flights are arranged for them to depart for their destinations, which are open for international students. Also, un-vaccinated students can also, opt for on-site vaccinations in the USA as when they reach the country, can get the first dose and undergo 14 days of crucial quarantine.

As per the study conducted by a major foreign education consultancy in India called “Leverage Edu” in April (2021), more students are actually enthusiastic to go for foreign education than ever in India. Around 5.5-6 lakhs of students are estimated to apply for foreign education, even in this period of the pandemic.

This increasing enthusiasm and charisma towards global education show the resilience of the students and their will to fight against all travesties for getting their hands-on opportunities of better education and life.

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