Forever – The Demise!

Forever | Demise | 25th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Losing people have always been one of the biggest dreads everyone has. It makes us rethink ourselves. It pulls out all the possible insecurities.

It pushes us not to believe in things. Different people handle their grief differently. But losing our self in the process is not healing. Healing is different from forcing yourself to get better. When you heal you accept that life is not always gonna be unicorns and full moons. Losing things makes us think about things that we would have never considered thinking. Some of us evolve better and some of us drown deeper and deeper. Evolving is painful. It takes a lot to give in, put you out there and toughen up. The moment someone takes off from our life or when we give up on someone for whatever reason it might be. We blindly blame the other person.

Predominantly there isn’t a problem if there isn’t a mistake on both sides. It goes both ways. We become better when we accept it. We become superior when we try to change ourselves better for ourselves. To add more meaning to yourself. Someone doesn’t just wake up and decide to take off. It grows slowly inside them. It builds up like a pile of garbage and someday it blasts. That’s why communication is so essential. This is where we should understand the difference between talking and having a real healthy conversation. The blame game is naive, so accept your part of mistakes and evolve from it. And maybe forgive them sometimes it isn’t meant to be.

Forever doesn’t always mean till death. Sometimes it means years, sometimes it means a few months, sometimes days and sometimes till last breath. It doesn’t matter what was your forever but just makes it worthwhile. Sometimes giving up or losing a person makes your life better. You had to move forward in order to discover what you want you to be.

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Karma, it’s a word that the world revolves around. I personally believe in karma. We acquire what we offer. It’s a life in a line phase. Just put yourself in their shoes. Just slow down and ask yourself “what would I really want me to do? will in regret it later?” asking this question will help you think before doing something that you regret. You pay for your deeds so do they. So hurting them, cursing them doesn’t make any difference than making you look bad. Hurting yourself mentally and physically isn’t going to change the fact that it's not meant to be. Someday it’s going to be just fine. But it’s on you when and how. Time might heal but You heal you.

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