Four Underrated Books of Agatha Christie!

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The queen of crime has written more than 75 books in her lifetime, her top works do not require any introduction few of them being ‘And then There Were None’, “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Murder of Roger' Ackroyd”.

These examples only being few of her masterpieces, some hidden gems require more attention and appreciation than they deserve. My four picks are a few of them. The books recommended in the list below include a variety of mystery stories making you familiar with the Intelligence of Mrs. Christie

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

People had been complaining for a while about not having to read a good violent murder in Agatha Christie’s way when finally, she came back with delivering Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, a special story where on a Christmas Eve, the Lee family’s reunion is shattered by a horrifying murder of Mr. Lee with his throat slashed. When Hercule Poirot offers his assistance, he seems to find a mutual suspicion, as everyone had their reason to hate the old man.


The story leaves you in pieces imagining who the murderer was, little Belgian Monsieur Hercule Poirot with the help of his little grey cells gives the shocker to the readers leaving them speechless.

The Secret Adversary


Mostly the most underrated series written by Agatha Series has to be her second published detective fiction known as the Tommy and Tuppence series of books. The Secret Adversary is the first book in the Tommy and Tuppence mystery series. Tommy and Tuppence are young friends who want to make it big, the problem being they have no money to make more money, they have none. In the hope of trying to earn some, they make a bold decision to set up Young Adventurers Ltd. The services offered have been not limited to anything, anyone, and anywhere. This decision ends up putting them into a situation where not only their maiden venture but also both their lives are at stake. They are roped into an adventure they didn’t sign up for.

Three Act Tragedy


This book is one of those books where you begin reading with not many expectations but with time it’s difficult to stop reading. Agatha Christie at the top of her form makes Hercule Poirot be solving one of the most brilliant cases of his career where the motive and the way of performing a series of murders are spectacularly known at the end of the story leaving the readers out of their imagination. Probably one of the most unthinkable endings read by the readers with not a single thing pointing out the actual motive of the murderer.

Lord Edgware Dies


This is a book where Poirot gives the entire credit for solving the mysterious case to a stranger. He swears that it was just a chance remark from a stranger on the street that put him on the right track. In this particular case, Jane wants to get rid of her estranged husband which she had been bragging about for a while. Now the man is dead and yet the great Belgian detective feels that he is being taken for a ride. After all, how could have Jane stabbed Lord Edgware to death at his home when at the same time she was dining with her friends. Poirot portrays his remarkable ingenuities to take on the reader on a thrilling ride which is his finest effort. The whole case is a triumph of Poirot’s special qualities and applaudable observations of minor details.

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