Four underrated movies to watch, if you are in it for the dark and twisted plots!

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Do you watch movies with dark plots and find yourself enjoying them, much to your own surprise?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying weird and gore movies, when you know it’s all unreal and made just for entertainment purposes. So if your guilty pleasure is the same as mine, here are 4 different genres of horror movies you may want to watch if you haven’t already:

Deadgirl (2008)

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Genre: Horror/Zombie

Deadgirl revolves around the story of two high school boys, Rickie and JT and their quest to find a girlfriend. While Rickie is deeply in love with Joann, she shows no interest in him. So to drown his sorrows in booze, Rickie tags along with JT to an abandoned psychiatric hospital, unaware of the cursed fate that awaits them in one of the locked rooms of the creepy hospital.

What they find there is a (un)dead girl, in other words, a zombie; who could’ve been the residual of a scientific experiment, either left unfinished or gone wrong. When JT decides to make her his sex slave and let his friends rape her as well, his friendship with Rickie turns bitter. The movie ends with Rickie turning Joann into a zombie. If you aren’t bothered by the horrifying portrayal of gore, death, dead people and multiple people getting turned into zombies, this movie is a must-watch for you.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

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Genre: Horror/Adventure

A rescue team led by an anthropologist Professor Monroe reaches the Amazon forests in hopes of finding an American film crew consisting of four people, who disappeared in the forests while documenting the lives of indigenous cannibal tribes. Though the professor has no luck in finding the crew alive, he does get hold of the crew’s film reels. He gets back to New York and watches the documentary; which shocks him to his core.

The recovered footage shows the four crew members torturing and massacring the tribal people, burning down their homes, raping and murdering the woman, all, so as to make the documentary more entertaining. But in end, the tribals have their revenge, by murdering all four of the film crew. The movie ends with professor Monroe wondering, who the real cannibals are. This movie is banned in several countries for its realistic depiction of violence, and the fact that they have slaughtered real animals for the movie. The movie has such horrific graphics, that the film director had to prove in the court that no actors were murdered in real life while shooting the film, so watch it at your own risk.

Teeth (2007)

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Genre: Horror/Comedy

Dawn O’Keefe is a regular school-going girl, who is also a member of her high school chastity club. She meets Tobey and falls in love with him and eventually, they decide to take their relationship up a notch. Dawn feels as if things are moving a little too fast with Tobey and she isn’t ready to have sex with him yet. But Tobey decides to go ahead with it anyway, against her consent; the worst and the last decision he would ever be able to make in his life.

Tobey proceeds to rape Dawn, but it’s not long before he realises to his horror, that he is missing his male genitals. It turns out that Dawn is a living example of the vagina dentata myth; a folktale in which a woman’s vagina is said to contain teeth, which springs into action if a woman is being penetrated non consensually, which happened in the case of Tobey. This movie will make you hold your breath, every time you see Dawn with a man. If you are not easily grossed out by gore or nudity, this movie is for you.

Splice (2009)

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Genre: Horror/Sci-fi

A genetic engineer couple Elsa and Clive manages to splice animal DNA to create hybrids for medical purposes. They further create a prepubescent female human-animal hybrid, who they name Dren. The couple nurtures Dren as their own child and learns that she has gills and is amphibious, along with retractable wings.

The couple hides Dren due to fear of the outside world discovering and destroying her, but Dren grows irritated by the confinement and kills her pet cat with the stinger on her tail. Tired of her tantrums, Elsa cuts off Dren’s stringer, following which Dren seduces and sleeps with Clive. Elsa and Clive’s relation goes downhill from there, and soon they find out that Dren is dying. Unfortunately for them, Dren isn’t dead but has just metamorphosed into a male. Dren proceeds to kill all the males in the vicinity to mate with Elsa, including Clive. Elsa manages to kill Dren, but not before she is raped by him.

In an unexpected turn of events, Elsa is pregnant with a human-animal hybrid and since Dren’s DNA is rich in numerous biochemical compounds useful for scientific advancement, Elsa decides to give birth to the creature in return for a hefty amount of money offered by her company. Splice is an underrated movie with an interesting story, hopefully, we get to see what happens when Elsa gives birth to a new hybrid, in Splice 2.

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