From Freedom to Fierceness: How the Eagle Soars Above Life's Struggles!

Freedom to Fierceness | Eagle Soars | Life's Struggles | 02nd September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Eagles are among the strongest animals in the world; they can fly thousands of miles, withstand freezing temperatures, and pull off death-defying feats that leave other birds in awe.

But the eagle wasn't always this way—in fact, the eagle struggled to become strong just like you do in your own life. By learning how the eagle overcame its challenges, you can learn how to overcome yours and reach new heights of confidence and achievement. Eagles are fierce and intelligent, a combination that enables them to soar higher than other birds. Because of this, eagles have come to symbolize freedom and power, qualities we can all aspire to reach in life. Eagles are impressive birds by nature, but you might be surprised to learn that the name of one Native American tribe means people of the eagle. For many in this tribe, the eagle was revered as a symbol of strength and freedom, helping them rise above their many challenges. Here's what the eagles have taught us about staying fierce in the face of life's struggles, and how you can apply these lessons to stay strong in your life struggles.



The eagle never quits. It pursues what it wants. It keeps chasing even when there is not much in its favour or looks too impossible. The eagle knows how to enjoy the sky and grab life with both of its wings when they are free while seizing opportunities at every turn. For others, their struggles could be mistaken for defeatist attitudes. As humans, we need to learn from the ways of the eagle and escape from our oppressive situations by persevering through adversities with an endless thirst for freedom and victory.



The eagle is a symbol of fierceness, and in many parts of America, it's the official animal of independence. It grasps the world with its talons and never lets go. Though it might not seem like much, eagles can take off from even the most precarious perch without breaking a single feather. With so many hardships, what pushes them through?



Freedom can mean different things to different people. It might be the ability to choose your actions or an escape from a past life struggle. For the eagle, freedom means something different entirely--flying high and strong with an indomitable spirit, no matter what it encounters on its journey. No wonder they say that eagles never bow their heads--they're always looking up, hopeful for discoveries.



The eagle is not just strong, it is relentless in its quest for success. The Cherokee tribe knew this when they chose the majestic bird as their tribal symbol. For centuries before Europeans invaded North America, the eagle was chosen as a representation of achievement and leadership. The American bald eagle was our national emblem from 1782 until 1872 when congress replaced it with the American flag. Because of this prominence, it should come as no surprise that we refer to those who have accomplished great things for themselves or others as eagles too. We talk about people soaring above life's struggles and overcoming difficult obstacles like a feathered, superior bird might.



Selflessness is the quality of being unselfish; that is, taking a greater interest in other people than in oneself. Selflessness is a virtue that was practiced by many people from ancient Greece and Rome, such as Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Caesar Augustus, and Hadrian. In these cases, it was called philanthropic. However, selflessness can also be seen as practical wisdom for living our lives, not just an act or means of helping others. Someone who embodies this virtue may value their own life experience yet always take into account how their decisions and actions will affect other people.



It takes courage and tenacity for an eagle to fly. It starts when the parent bird returns with food in its beak. To feed itself, an eaglet needs the energy to spread its wings and pick up speed. It needs courage because while feeding, a bird of prey could swoop down at any moment and snatch the prey out of its beaks. If a large animal falls from above, it would squash them like bugs if they don't get out of the way. As such, eagles have all their senses on high alert to detect danger quickly enough and dodge it if necessary. An eagle has always known that achieving freedom is difficult, but worth it all at once when they soar above life's struggles so majestically free with themselves. The bald eagle, with its striking white head and tail feathers, is one of America's most iconic symbols. At home in swamps, forests, and deserts, it thrives in some of the harshest landscapes. Adept at hunting both on land and in water, it preys mostly on fish--especially important as a scavenger because of its voracious appetite for carrion. But there is much more to this powerful raptor than just power and hunting prowess.

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