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Some artists evolve their sounds by adding different instruments or switching genres but some go as far as evolving into a whole other identity.

Here is an example of one Youtuber reimagining himself from his alter egos to a Lo-Fi Soul artist. In order to understand this article remember this little detail: Filthy Frank, Pink Guy and Joji are alter egos portrayed by George Miller. That is all Miller doing satirical bits as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy while later on showing his true colours as Joji. Before Joji, there was a YouTube channel with the name "TVFilthyFrank" created by George Miller and he was doing satirical dark comedy on anything that you can think of. From making life hacks to making your hamster behave by beating it, reading mean comments that his own fan base will leave him and effectively roasting back.

Filthy Frank was ready to take on his own creative omniverse of characters and "Pink Guy" was one of these personalities that not only showed some of the musical talents George Miller possessed but showed his humour as well. Pink Guy in this omniverse was somewhat of a musical entity and he would sing songs like “WEEABOO SONG” that mocked the whole weeb community because of their “obsession” with anime and manga. This entity always used harsh offensive lyrics that were matched with heavy wacky beats to follow the lyrics. However, Miller told his fans that he started to suffer from throat damage from all the screaming and has some neurological issues that he did not want to discuss either.


The first glimpse of Joji was with "Chloe Burbank", an anonymous album released in 2015 that had fans wondering if the mysterious artist was Miller. He announced it was indeed him in 2016 with his new "SoundCloud" account. However the album was cancelled to focus more on his comedic music and YouTube channel instead. Pink Guy released his own album two years later on January 4, 2017, with songs like "Furr" poking fun at the PETA corporation with lyrics like "PETA trynna take away the fun life They always sending people to my condo Who you is, and how you getting all this mammal fur?" which upset many people but also amused others.

From 2013 to 2017 there were 155 videos uploaded on the channel with the last video of Filthy Frank "selling out" by having a book explaining his whole omniverse for fans. A wave of silence came shortly after and people believed it was the end of George Miller, Filthy Frank and Pink Guy altogether. Then April 26th 2017 "I Don't Wanna Waste My Time" was released by Joji which shocked fans with the soulful lyrics that echoed a sense of longing for someone instead of the usual goofy offensive lyrics. The aggressive odd beats were replaced with soothing Lofi piano and matching harmonies from Joji himself. It was an evolution for Miller to show his true self with Joji, that he could be a serious (yet still fun), passionate and talented artist instead of a comedic and controversial entertainer.


Releasing albums "Ballads 1" with the label 88 Rising in 2018 and "Nectar" with the same label in 2020. Even his 2022 single struck popularity on social media giants like "Tik Tok" with everyone playing "Glimpse of Us" to express emotions of losing their other halves and that no relationship will top the one they lost. Joji proves yet again how creative and lyrically talented he is with an emotional and romantic tone. These successful releases show that reinvention of oneself can lead to greater success. Scoring interviews with late-night, the beginning, hosts, touring the world, and being on the popular series known as "Hot Ones" more than once is a treat for his fans and a well-earned display of his artistic achievements. Being Filthy Frank and Pink Guy in the beginning was not a bad thing, he created a loyal fan base of millions who loved his unique, genius and comedic content. Early in his career, Miller was providing the comedic relief that the YouTube platform was known for. However, growing up and showing the world a true representation of himself is exactly what Miller successfully does with his career and sole identity (for now) as Joji.

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