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Chests are ever-present in the game. There is never a scarcity of it in the game in any region and area.

They also happen to be a very good source for important resources such as primogems, mora, talent books, etc. They are a perfect example of several drops making an ocean. After a day of relentless chest farming players will have a significant number of resources. Opening chests are always joyous and exciting. As a player increases their Adventure Rank (AR) the fewer chests there are in their own world. This proportionately increases their joy in finding a chest as well. This article covers some well-hidden and notorious open chests that are present in the game.

Mondstadt Plaza


The plaza around the massive statue of the Anemo Archon is a beautiful area befitting the front view of the Mondstadt cathedral. If a player were to walk around the plaza, they wouldn’t be able to see any chest in the open. But if you were to closely examine the first stone ledge of its perimeter you would find a small white spec of light that is honestly pretty hard to spot. It also happens to be an area most player doesn’t go past. When your character comes in contact with the white spec it will trigger a mini-challenge. Along the perimeter wall on each square platform, there will be a white ring that you have to run through within a small window of time. This is similar to gliding challenges found in the open world. Once players successful go through all the rings and reach the end of the perimeter wall players are rewarded with a Luxurious Chest.



There are several chests splattered around the Tenshukaku, which is the main Inazuma castle where the Raiden Shogun resides. Genshin impact has placed several chests on buildings of the first two regions (Mondstadt & Liyue), which I am sure players have already found out about. But the Luxurious chest hidden on top of the Tenshukaku is by far the most difficult to get. It’s located reaching the very last section on the slanted roof tiles. Those players who have already obtained characters such as Kazuha and Venti are blessed with their elemental skills which make reaching higher places such as ledges and rooftops easier, the same applies here.

Obviously, no chest can be obtained by a specific character only, developers won’t do so. So even if you don’t have characters like the two mentioned before there is a way to reach the chest without the help of any abilities. It’s just a much harder climb and will take some time to figure out. Players will have to climb up the front part of the Tenshukaku. Find a way along the side, reach the bridge at the end then again find a way to go on top of the high roof at the end.

Chasm Hidden Chamber


In Inazuma, players had to operate canons to open up spaces such as the Mikage Furnace or Shakkei Pavilion. In the Chasm, there is a mountaineer/ canon located near “The Lost Valley” artefact domain. After teleporting to the domain go out to the left then up and the canon will be in sight. Operate the canon and aim below the wooden Crane-like construct to blow open a hidden chamber. There will now be a hole in the ground where players can find a precious chest.

Stone Lion formation


To the East of Wanghsu Inn, there is a bit of land where players can find a bunch of small stone lion statues laying around. The area is covered with grass but at a small spot, there is no grass. With my experience, I placed a geo traveller star fell sword (elemental skill) on that area which spawned a chest in between the lion statue circle. Going by the logic any geo construct should work but if none works for you make use of the geo traveller.

Dunyu Ruins


This particular chest got a lot of people standing on random objects to try and get a secret chest. Located in Dunyu Ruins is a special branch, an ordinary branch at first sight. But if a player stands on this small little branch they will be surprised with a precious chest. You can stand on this branch directly or follow the intended route. If you are to open your map and go a bit to the south from the “ruins” that are written on a map you will find a large rock with a white sparkling spec. Every time you get close to this it will jump to another location, keep your eye on it and you will eventually get to the branch.

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