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Updated: Jul 9

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Genshin's impact has been out for almost 2 years now. Over these years along with new characters, events and regions we have been provided with some memorable quests.

This article highlights 4 of the many challenging quests present in the game. World Quests from all 3 released regions are included here.

The Chi of Guyun/Yore


The quest won’t be marked with the blue exclamation mark as other world quests are. To activate the quest a player will have to go to the southern Wuwang Hill teleport waypoint and find an NPC called Yan’er. Having done so players will have to fight what is most likely their first Ruin Hunter which can be a nightmare. A tip for such players is to equip any bow character they have and use their charge shot to stun the enemy by hitting their eye. Once you find all 3 stone statues and investigate them you will be rewarded with a precious chest. Along with the usual rewards, you will also get a “collected fragment”. Next, you need to find two more similar fragments. Both of which are found near Qingce village. One of them is on top of the mountain, south of the village it's helpful to read the text very carefully and observe the surrounding view.

Obtaining all three pieces near the cave by the waterfall is the main challenge which scores of players have truly struggled with. It’s certainly one of the most difficult challenges a presents to players. Consuming combat food barely helps. It’s highly recommended to ask for a player or more of a higher level to help beat the challenge. After you complete the gruelling challenge and the quest with multiple puzzles and endless dialogue you get to collect what is probably one of the most satisfactory and generous rewards from all of genshin world quests. I won’t spoil what the reward is and let you experience it to its full satisfaction. Just make sure to check every nook and cranny of the treasure vault.

Into the mountains


This quest can be started by talking to NPC Iris who is located in the base camp of Dragonspine. Without a doubt, the most challenging aspect of this quest is dealing with the “sheer cold” mechanic. This mechanic will freeze up the active character and if the gauge is full will gradually eat away health (hp). The only way to counter it is by standing near a heat source such as torches, bonfires, seelies, teleport waypoints, etc. Or eat the food item “goulash”. The first task includes thawing out ice shards to unlock the frostbearing tree. Players will soon find out none of their attacks from any weapon or pyro skill breaks the ice. The trick is to break nearby scarlet quartz that is the red stones, collect them then hit the crystal while the red aura is active. This is a mechanic players will have to use throughout Dragonspine. The most annoying challenge of this quest has to be the one where we are required to unlock the barrier blocking the ice shard in the star glow cavern. The cryo samachurls and hillichurls constantly freeze you with their attacks as you are bound to fall in the surrounding water and be affected by hydro a few times.

This makes you lose out on valuable time as the challenge countdown keeps going on. On top of all that you need to dodge all the falling icicles to avoid taking more damage. It’s helpful to have the seelies home as they can warm you up and you won’t have to worry too much about the sheer cold. While the cryo monument puzzle in Wyrmerest Valley is very simple having to defeat the Ruin guards and Ruin graders could be challenging yet certainly doable without co-op. Doing all this will finally get you access to the broken sky frost nail. After which there’s a bit more left on the quest but the only challenge is to deal with “sheer cold”, which by now players will be more comfortable and experienced for it not to be a big brother. In the Mountains is an introductory quest for Dragonspine and it sure does a good job to make the special Mondstadt area look daunting.

Trails in Tianqui


For the most part, the quest is a really simple one. Though the main issue is when you realize co-op gets disabled from the moment you activate the quest. For those unaware of this quest it probably gets activated while randomly exploring a seemingly curious part of Liyue. For it, you have to interact with a stone tablet near an interesting-looking monument. In the surrounding area, there will be 3 towers located. Going from left to right each tower gets increasingly difficult. The first tower on the left of the stone tablet is a simple mob clearing tower. Whereas the one in the middle is slightly more difficult. Players need to navigate up the tower by using broken ledges and pillars.

This can’t be done without using certain characters like geo traveller, albedo, venti, kazuha and the likes as you need help to gain elevation multiple times. Then we have one of the most difficult puzzles in genshin. Usually, in any other puzzle in genshin there is a clue. Yet for this one tower, Mihoyo decides not to put any clues. Unless someone is very lucky it will take days of trials and errors to finally solve the puzzle of lighting up the torches to proceed.

Tatara Tales


For this one I’m including not a single quest but an entire series of quests. These quests are centred making around the fixing of the Mikage Furnace located in Tatarasuna. The location is filled with Fatui, kairagi and corrosive lightning that gradually eats away at our health. The only way to counter this lightning is by being protected by an electrograna. Between both the lightning and mobs it’s very easy to find chunks of health taken away instantly if we aren’t careful. Arguably one of the worst features about this quest line is it’s impossible to get it over with in a single day. After completing one the next will only activate after a server reset. It consists of eight quests and it will take a minimum of 7 days to finish the entire quest line.

Even though there are plenty of Thunder Sakura Boughs from which we can collect electrograna. The lightning is constantly in our minds and makes the quests slightly stressful which can lead to players being clumsy or making mistakes. At the near end of all this, we are required to fight 6 fatui enemies all at once below the mikage furnace. Players have struggled to kill the fatui due to the corrosive lightning, freezing and the extremely high hp fatui mages. It just becomes worse if the Fatui agents gain their shields. It is a chaotic final fight to a very chaotic quest line.

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