Habits That You Should Employ To Boost Your Mind!

Updated: Aug 8

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Our body needs fluid and a proper diet to function appropriately. In the same way, your mind is the controller of your body. It needs good training to improve the memory power.

Our memory power is reducing day by day due to many factors like stress, anger, and a lot of unnecessary unhealthy habits. These habits can give you diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's in future. Therefore taking care of your brain is crucial. There are various ways to keep your brain healthy and conserved. According to studies, those who practise these simple behaviours in their daily lives may have stronger memories than those who don't. It is frustrating when you forget small things like where you have put the keys or what have you eaten at lunchtime. If you have a problem forgetting things easily then consider it an indication. Read these tips carefully

Do exercise regularly


You don't need to go to the gym for that. Even 5 minutes of cardio can work well enough for your brain. The 5 minutes workout sounds less but once you begin the exercise, you will realise how long 5 minutes is. When you exercise your brain is concentrated on a certain exercise, which can help to improve the concentration power. And you feel more energetic and refreshed after doing an exercise. Therefore, for your brain's sake, do some 15 to 20 minutes of workouts daily.

Play some mind-related games


Who doesn't love games? There are various types of mind-related games that you should be playing regularly or thrice a week. Mind-related games like Chess, Puzzle games, Sudoku, Word games and Solitaire. These games can improve your cognitive ability. Also, you can learn to increase your concentration level. Research studies show that those who play such games can have a less chance to catch diseases like dementia and alchemists.

Learn a foreign language


It is a bit of a tiring method to follow but it has great benefits. Learning a foreign language can allow your brain to perceive things differently. When you speak different types of languages your brain learns various types of cultures at a time. And your brain works harder to remember all the foreign words smartly. It will create new spaces in your mind and increase memory power by remembering new phrases.

Practice meditation


Nobody can underestimate the power of meditation. Meditation is a powerful technique to increase the strength of the memory. It helps you to calm down the brain nerves. A lot of stress is dangerous for the brain as it can shrink the brain size which later will be the cause of cognitive declination. Thus, doing meditation is an effective solution to sharpen the mind. You can do meditation for 5 minutes a day or 10 minutes depending upon your suitability.

Eating a healthy nourishment


Just like a body needs proper vitamins to function. Your brain requires healthy food to work. A tired brain will always make you feel tired. When the brain doesn't get sufficient nutrients, it will work inadequately. There are plenty of food supplements like almond, cashew nuts, raisins, walnuts, and fresh fruits like guava, strawberry, kiwi and bell peppers. Include these healthy fruits in your diet to keep your brain healthy and sharp.

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