Happiest Day of My life!

Happiest Day | Life | 21st July 2022 | Virtual Wire



I have always found joy in little things. To date, my happiest memory is when my first poem, got me second prize in a poetry competition in school.

Many might have forgotten it today as every year someone wins and moreover I didn’t stood first but that day completely changed my life and all of the literary works I have done till date I owe it to that day. I still remember the date- it was the 14th of November 2017. We were celebrating Children’s Day in School and besides all the fun the school also arranged for a poetry competition for students of classes 7 and 8.I was in class 8. , To be frank enough, I was least bothered about the poetry competition. I was like I will write something gibberish and submit it. It didn’t matter to me at all; my only concern was the fun. We were given 3 topics. I chose “Role of Children”. But still I was not bothered about it.

My other friends were busy writing and some even covered their work. Seeing everyone focused I tried to concentrate and wrote the first line and from then till the end of the competition I was engrossed in the poetry. To date, I don’t know what struck me that day but as soon as I wrote the first line my pen then went on. This habit of writing is to, date with me, once I start writing it goes on. But still even after submitting the poem, I did not even think of it being selected. I just felt I had to write so I did it. I remember our Principal Sir coming to ask how was the competition. My low voice saying “It was okay” got silent under the shouting voices of my friends saying it was great. At the time school got over we lined up ourselves on the ground for the announcement of the results. I thought o myself “okay you just need to clap and then it’s over”. But to my surprise for the second prize, my name was announced.


The walk from the ground to the front to receive the prize among the congratulatory messages rushing in from friends and teachers is still so surreal to me. I got a book as the second prize. A book by Phillip Pullman -“The Ruby in the Smoke”. Since that day I have got many books but that book still holds a special place in my heart. Another thing, if I don’t add this, the story would be incomplete. Though my school helped me realize this talent of mine, I would have rusted it if my Mom had not intervened. After that day for almost a year, I didn’t write anything. Until one day my Mom gave me a diary saying write whatever you want o tin this diary and since then there was no looking back. Thanks to my Mom and my school. My whole life I will be indebted to them.

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