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Health | Importance | 25th October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Health is Wealth” health is the most important asset we possess. It is really important that we take care of it, especially in the current times with the pandemic.

Due to the lockdown people have been stuck in their houses and have not been able to go out. They have been eating but moving very less which could lead to obesity. Obesity or being overweight is a disorder involving excessive or an accumulation of body fat that may affect your health. It is a very common disorder with more than 10 million cases per year. Obesity is diagnosed with the help of BMI (Body Mass Index) which takes into account a person’s weight and height to measure their body size.

Obesity is mainly caused by an energy imbalance-if the energy or calorie intake is more than expended or if there is a decrease in physical activity, which we all faced during the pandemic. It can also be caused because of genetics. Not getting enough sleep may also lead to obesity. Growing old can cause a person’s metabolism to act slower which may also lead to it. People’s lifestyle has seen a drastic change in the past few years. Everyone has gotten used to staying at home and working from home routine.

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Since the schools and colleges have been closed children don’t have many physical activities. Earlier children used to go to school and play on the ground now they play ludo on their phones. People have lost the habit of going out. Now, anything and everything you need you can get it in one click instead of going out and, indeed it has made our life easier but has also made us lazy. The physical activity of everyone has decreased and our screen time has increased.

Obesity is curable, just requires effort. A person can lose weight through various means like physical activity- burning calories is really important to lose weight. You can burn calories by working out either at the gym or if the gyms are closed or you don’t have a membership working out at home works as well. Jogging or going for a walk can also help burn calories. Yoga or going for natural therapy can also be helpful. You can also lose weight by doing something fun like dancing.

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Psychological factors also play a vital role. As mentioned above obesity can be caused by an unhealthy sleep schedule or stress. It is important to get a good amount of sleep and to relax. You can meditate or listen to music or just sit in silence whatever works for you. Obesity has been on the rise all over the world so, it is really important to spread awareness about it and its symptoms.

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