Here’s why we need to put an end to years old patriarchy!

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Since time immemorial, we had been living in a country reeking of patriarchy. At every level of the manmade hierarchy, women were bound by vows, restricted by laws and discriminated against whenever they were opinionated.

For a long time, politics and the corporate world were dominated by males because society didn’t have enough faith in the capabilities of women to run a company or a nation. Patriarchal norms have played a significant role in the situation of gender discrimination and not much has changed in today’s scenario, even today girls are deprived of their educational rights. If we look at the data obtained by the global gender gap, only 48% of women manage to complete the basic five-year primary education. This is to say that we are failing miserably at the most basic level.

And as we move further to employment opportunities, this gap only widens. The employment sector has been an uneven playing field as women are paid less than their male counterparts. In the workplace culture, it has been observed that men have easier access to leadership roles than women. We have seen rising debates in industries like entertainment where actors have come forward and acknowledged that they have been paid lesser and when they questioned authorities, they were removed from projects.

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Patriarchal norms have always encouraged the idea that only a man is capable of heading a family, that only men can make the right decisions because apparently women are too emotional and naive. Whereas the truth of the matter is, at every step of their lives, girls and women are constantly denied their chance to grow, go to schools or work outside their households. This clearly indicates that society holds them back from realising their full potential.

Parents are still hesitating to send their girls to school because they’ve been told that investing in their girl’s education will not benefit them in the long term as women are only destined to get married one day and grow a family. They are treated as liabilities and this is such a shame to their undiscovered potential. The potential is strangled by the patriarchy.

This country needs to understand that females are not a liability to society, they are capable of leading a house, a company, and a nation. Our constitution believes in gender equality, that everyone has the right to education, right to freedom of expression then why is society hell-bent on suppressing opinionated women. Women wouldn’t be fighting for feminism and equality if there were nil disparities, to begin with.

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Today when we talk of empowering our daughters and protecting their rights, let's make sure that we are also listening to what they have to say and supporting them in steps they have begun to take. Society today, at best, understands that discriminatory attitudes against one gender should not be a norm and therefore we must fight for women’s rights and gender equality- that's an outlook we need to have and soon patriarchy will dissolve in this land of purity and equality.

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