Hope: Imagination Beyond Truth!

Hope | Imagination | Truth | 16th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



What is hope? It is the state of mind where the subconscious mind pleasures the individual by giving immense happiness through the power of willingness.

Our willpower and thoughts are training our minds. Our expectation generates hope for something. The procedure goes this way, the emergence of hope takes place with the development of thoughts and expectations. Having hope is not a bad thing to have, instead, there are many pros to hope. Let us see the pros and cons of hope.

Pros and Cons of Hope


Hope gives a person positive energy when the thought development is in the right way. That means urging one to improve oneself or bringing positive changes in the surrounding. But if the hope is in a negative way, for example, to think bad of others like may her work get obstructive. Then this type of urge may be injurious or in my words destructive. One should have a good hope to improve herself or to improve the environment where the respective is living, but having a destructive desire can harm the person as well the society. We cannot imagine the power of iron will, it can make and ruin in the same scenario. Having an iron will and good hope is very good and on the same hand having an iron will which is destructive is proved to be harmful.

Why Does One Live in Hope?


Everyone on the earth is living in the very first hope that the respective is going to live in the very next second without even knowing what is going to happen in that very next second. This is the good and iron-willed desire we all have. No one can ignore the fact that everyone on earth who is living has hope. And that is why it is said to be 'A dead body is far better than a hopeless living body'. Hope is such a strong energy that when possessed can give the dead life and if not possessed can make a living being dead.

My point for writing on hope is that one should look after himself, never quit until the last breath, and should have a strong will enough to tackle any obstacle. You are never helpless until you are hopeless. Have a good hope , a good desire in you. A good desire keeps you motivated internally, may you be depressed or worried. A kind of satisfaction will be there if you think good and proceed towards it.

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