Hospitals with their depleting number of beds in India!

Covid-19 has revealed the ill-equipped condition of India's medical infrastructure. During these extraordinary times, most states across the country are struggling to provide the needed of hospital equipment. Patients are hankering over hospital beds and ICUs.

Now, you would be shocked to know that India is ranked 155th in the index of human development report, 2020. According to this report, India provides five beds for every 10,000 patients. The data also exposed the number of doctors for people. It,s 8.6 for 10,000 of the population across the country.

The human development index is the measure of a country’s education, health, and standard of living. It’s shocking to know that India has one of the worst records, across the globe, when it comes to hospital equipment.

Recently cases have been up-surging, and it’s a scary picture.

Punjab has been in great need of new supplies, it has been struggling to provide sufficient beds. Districts like Hoshiarpur where 98 percent of beds with oxygen are occupied, around 89 percent of ICU beds are occupied in Ludhiana, and Mohali is engaged with 80 percent. Other districts like Amritsar, Patiala, Rupnagar also have been lacking the strength to provide enough beds to its patient.

TS Singhdeo Chhattisgarh’s Health Minister has admitted that the ongoing situation is going to be more challenging as he mentions, “The positivity rate in five districts is 40% and 50% in three. There are around 90,000 actives cases in the state and it might reach 1.5 lakh soon,”

Chhattisgarh is facing difficulties in providing beds and oxygen supply for its population. Twenty of the 28 districts of Chhattisgarh, especially Raipur are running out of beds as the number of covid-19 cases doesn’t deplete with time. Raipur has witness heaves of deaths, forcing municipal authorities to cite 35 temporary crematories as the prevailing creates can not occupy more load, the state government has only approved six more in other districts.

Where some states lack hospital equipment, Lucknow here requires manpower. With not more than a 0.4% of fatality rate, in Uttar Pradesh, the authorities are still facing the struggle to cremate bodies. Now laborers are reluctant to cremate bodies out of fear, this has become a new issue for the state since with surge of deaths, Lucknow municipal corporation has taken a new step to set up electric crematoriums.

With the rising number of covid-19 cases,12 districts out of 36 in Maharashtra hospitals are lacking beds to supply. Authorities in Maharashtra have made a certain decision of setting up ‘ Jumbo’ Covid-19 care centers, in every city. Although the medication’s supply is still running smoothly with the depleting numbers of beds, the medication and oxygen supply might rush out too.

Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi is also not doing well either, there are reports of a shortage of begs as it only has a total of 2,383 beds for covid patients. Getting admitted to hospitals in these extreme conditions has become a major issue in this state. The situation is so bad that almost all the patients are being asked to move back from the state’s premier hospitals- Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences. Patients are forced to wait outside for hours before another one gets discharged.

Authorities are now advising patients with mild symptoms to stay and treat themselves at home, as hospitals lack to hold the load of the increasing number of patients.

But the question arises that is that suitable to every individual with mild covid-19 symptoms? How long till the situation replenish? Although we nearly see the outlasting of this virus, our nation’s health system was not preparing for this scenario, even though it has been a year, since the first wave of covid-19. Why is our nation still unprepared? Will this situation resolves soon or the patients have to wait for long staking hours in the waiting rooms?

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