How About The Women Workforce?

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Women's employment was one of the outspoken topics worldwide. Retrospecting the history of women's education in India, we find struggles faced by women were constant.

There was denial in educating women as it was dependent on the culture and tradition of the state. They relied on the religion practised and system of rule for educating women. However, to overcome the challenges, there were a lot of reforms and protests performed to acknowledge the problems. Post-independence, the education system slowly changed. The government introduced primary education and schools in urban areas. The committees took measures to offer mid-day meals and free notebooks. As a result, the female literacy rate grew to 39% in 1991, and in turn, some contributed to the workforce. Also, many women took pink collar jobs to support their families and contributed to the labour force.


Inspecting in 2019, as per the data from the world bank, 47.7% of women contribute to the workforce. The reports determine a decline in the female labor participation rate in India. It fell to 20.3% in 2019. Considering the workforce of pre-covid-19 and post covid -19, there are various perspectives to contemplate. Due to the pandemic hit, many lost their prime source of income. Some had to leave their white-collar jobs to take care of the family.

The work-from-home culture was both a boon and bane in many cases. On the other side, some women restarted their careers or took up menial jobs to support their families. The reason for leaving a job can be poor work culture and unsupportive families. However, there are several reasons for a declined percentage of female labour force participation worldwide. Now, if there is a question called,' Why women must work?'! The answer is

  1. Contribute to economic growth.

  2. Supports their families.

  3. Gain exposure and independence.

  4. Shall educate their children and the privileges go on.


As per a piece of news from economic times, corporates are actively hiring women employees who had left the corporate workforce due to familial commitments. They think the hybrid work culture shall bring change in the work culture and make them work comfortably. These kinds of measures taken by the corporates and government are highly appreciated. I conclude women should have the freedom to choose their careers before and after marriage. Their life must not confine after loading with familial responsibilities. I believe the world needs a change and help the younger generation in a much better way.

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