How Bad is Smoking?

Health | Smoking | 07th February 2022 | Virtual Wire


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It is pretty well-known to every man, woman, and child that smoking is in every way harmful for the body.

The phrase 'smoking is injurious to health' has been embedded in our minds due to advertisements, movies, and TV shows. But how bad is smoking really, apart from the general knowledge we have? Find the answer to this question by some of the surprising side effects of smoking that you might not know.

Immunity System


Smoking profoundly reduces the strength of your immunity system. Therefore, smoking is dangerous to health. It not only causes diseases like heart and other respiratory problems but also lowers your ability to fight them off.

Poor Vision

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This might be a shock for many, but it is the truth. Studies have proven that smoking increases the risk of eye-related diseases and problems such as cataracts, Dry Eye Syndrome, etc. In extreme cases, it can also lead to vision loss.

Bad Oral Hygiene

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Another side effect of smoking is that it is unhealthy for your teeth. It leads to tooth staining, gum disease, etc. Moreover, it can also cause inflammations and infections that can lead to tooth and even bone loss. In severe cases, it can even lead to your teeth falling out! Imagine that happening just because of a small burning piece of paper.

Early Menopause


Tobacco toxins are present in cigarettes. When a female smokes, these toxins lower the circulation of estrogen. This brings down the age of menopause. Studies have shown that women who smoke get menopause a couple of years earlier than non-smokers.

Unhealthy Skin And Hair

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Smokers have a high probability of getting wrinkled skin before old age. It also leads to chances of skin cancer. Apart from this, smoking also contributes to hair loss and balding for both men and women. Did you know that smoking also causes your hair and skin to smell like tobacco? That's a smell nobody like.

Bone Loss


Nicotine, which is present in cigarettes has been proven responsible for lowering the production of osteoplasts. Osteoplasts are bone-producing cells. Hence, smoking tobacco leads to bone resorption. Moreover, as smokers lose bone density, they have a higher chance of breaking bones such as the hipbone, which leads to hip fractures.



Despite knowing all these effects, people still smoke and harm their bodies. Apart from that, they also damage other people's lives physically (passive smoking) or emotionally (erratic behaviour and anxiety). Smoking is one of the worst habits to develop, but if you're an addict, it is never too late to stop. With newly developed methods and technology, leaving tobacco has never been easier. So, if you're a smoker, seek help right now!

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