How Can a Person Best Sell their CDs to others?

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Everyone in the world grew up with the music using CDs to listen to their favorite artists such as Jennifer Lopez, the Beatles, Green Day, Bruno Mars, and so many more artists and musicians who have garnered attention over decades for electrifying lyrics and musical performances.

Selling CDs has become a way for people to share musical interests with others as well as a way to connect to people in the music industry. Selling CDs provides people with opportunities to also trade in their CDs for different CDs which allows for them to enjoy new CDs of their favorite musical artists singing.

Answer Paragraph- To be able to sell CDs to others, a person can market the type of CD they are selling to others on websites such as eBay and Amazon as well as sell their CDs to CD stores. People can be able to provide others interested in their CDs with an opportunity to reconnect by listening to their favorite musical artists. We will discuss in more detail the steps below.

Steps to how a person can sell their CDs to others


Step 1: Deciding whether to sell CDs online or in person.

Step 2: Deciding what audience to target (children, young adults, adults, elderly population).

Step 3: Deciding the number of CDs to sell to others or a company.

Step 4: Selling the CDs to another person or a company.

What are the best sites a person can use to sell their CDs?


The best sites a person can use to sell their CDs include sites such as eBay, Bonavendi, Amazon’s Trade-In Program, Decluttr, BookMonster, Buyback Express, EagleSaver, SellDvdsOnline, Abundatrade, Ziffit, SellBackYourBook, DiscFlipper, Amoeba Music, WeBuyBooks, and Momox.

What is the average price people are selling their CDs to others?


It varies by the seller on what they are selling their CDs for to others. People selling their CDs base their prices on traits such as bundling CDs together to sell, selling by what category a collection of CDs a seller has, and lastly selling CDs that are extremely difficult to find.

What are some of the most collectible CDs people have bought from those selling CDs?


Some of the most collectible CDs people have bought from those selling CDs include CDs from artists such as Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Bob Dylan, Céline Dion, Madonna, Elvis Presley, and the Spice Girls.


The market of buying, selling, and trading CDs continues to be a profitable market for those looking to make some cash sharing their musical artists with others. While sellers might have difficulty being able to sell their CDs to others because of their attachment to the musical artists, they benefit from giving their CDs to others for a financial return. Selling CDs truly has become a hobby for many musical fanatics who sell CDs to people in the music industry which allows CD companies to be able to keep running in sharing to people about new and old CDs being sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some ways to market yourself when you are selling CDs to others?

Answer: Some ways a person can market themselves when their selling CDs to others can include having a variety of CDs available for people interested in buying some CDs, selling CDs at live shows of a favorite musical artist, selling CDs on online websites, selling CDs on social media, and lastly selling CDs at independent record stores.

  • Do people still listen to CDs?

Answer: Yes, people still listen to CDs. CDs provide people with the ability to reconnect to musical artists they may not have listened to in a while as well as enable people to collect CDs for their musical collection.

  • What makes a CD collectible for a person to buy CDs off a person selling CDs?

Answer: A CD is collectible for a person to buy CDs off a person selling CDs based on the following: (1)seeing if the CD seller has any CDs that are of rarity and/or high value, (2) having the ability as the CD seller, to be able to advertise CDs of rarity and/or high value, (3) the CD seller bundling CDs together from one artist, (4) the CD seller bundling CDs by genre, and lastly (5) even the CD seller deciding to donate remaining CDs to record stores, nonprofit musical foundations, etc.

  • Are CDs worth keeping?

Answer: It depends on the seller. If a CD seller has an emotional and/or personal connection to a CD, they may decide not to sell the CD. However, if a CD seller does not have an emotional and/or personal connection to a CD, they may decide to sell a CD. A CD seller ultimately has the final say in deciding whether to sell their CDs for money or to keep them for their own happiness.

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