How can leadership negatively affect the success of a company?

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Leadership in business
Leadership is a skill when a person has the ability to be a leader, lead a group of people to do a certain task correctly.

Saying it that way makes it seem easy, that’s such an easy skill to develop while in real life, it can’t be that easy, people currently are spending tons of money to learn that one skill, they study it because it is the most wanted skill in the job market.

− So why is leadership wanted for business?

− Could leadership be negative for business?

− How to know if leadership is functioning correctly?

Why leadership is important in business?

In business, we always have a lot of tasks to do in order to keep the business and money-making going, and in order to do all of those tasks we need to have a well-organized team, each team member does his/her tasks correctly and that is how the work is done.

Now we are all the same and different at the same time, that is what makes us get along and dislike each other, and ALWAYS in workplaces there will be some people that don’t get along but they have to co-operate or the job to be done, and here comes the role of a person with leadership skills, that person right here finds solutions for those people to work together.

It is the leader’s job to make them work together, no matter what their problems are the leader needs to make them do the task they are asked to do, and when problems occur during work, unexcepted issues, here again, it ups to the leader to find a solution.

Could leadership be negative for business?

Leadership is like all other kinds of skills, it is very good and beneficial to the business as long as it is well-structured and monitored, and sometimes lack responsibility too, but when it doesn’t have a structure it turns to a business poison, that kills the business slowly in silence.

Leadership starts on killing the business when the person with the skill lacks ethics or morals, or communication skills, for example, a bossy leader, or a leader that only looks at the money analysis, or even the leader that forces his workers to do more than what they can, this mainly occurs when the leader doesn’t have actual leadership skills or is a leader only because he owns the business, he thinks he also has the skills.

When the leader lacks ethics he makes the team members less comfortable with what they are doing and forces them to do things that they find unethical, which leads them to leave their job the moment they find a replacement and while working they don’t try to come up with ideas or thoughts that could evolve the business.

When the leader lacks communication skills his whole team struggles with communication and they always end up having wrong tasks done, or right tasks done wrongly, or the worst is when the weak communication skills lead to conflicts that are absolutely unnecessary, those will eventually lead to business death, and it happens quick.

When the leader lacks the sense of responsibility the business dies in the early stages of its establishment, because the careless leader will just drive the team to be careless as a whole, and now allow it to do its tasks on time, or even finish 40% of it because deep down.

We all want to just sit on a comfortable chair and watch funny videos on the net, we don’t want to do the hard work, and when we find a lazy leader, we just fall lazy exactly the same as him, because the leader is supposed to be a role model for the others. All of the things mentioned earlier lead to a business failure. False leadership does lead to business-killing.

How to know if leadership is functioning correctly?

The only way to know if leadership is functioning perfectly is through seeing the teams’ tasks analytics and the spirit that the team has, for example, a team that has 80% job success before deadlines and you see that your team is doing things out of the office together.

Such as having lunch together or they go on trips together, or they have a weekend hang out together, this way you know that the leader is doing their job perfectly, but when you see the whole team lazy and not doing their tasks or they are doing it only to void being fired and you so many conflicts on non-business related topics, then the problem is the leader, the leader you put there is not doing his/her job correctly, and you need to do something about it.

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