How do we limit ourselves!

Limit | Ourself | 02nd September 2021 | Virtual Wire

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A man Is what he thinks
A man’s thought is like a garden, whatever he plants he gets it as a result. For a matter of fact, if he plants the seeds of lies, hurt, wrong, manipulation etc, all he will ever get in return will be the same because the way he acts is the way he’ll be treated, but if he plants rightfulness, courage, hard work, goodness, he’ll get the sweetest fruits.



There are many reasons why a man limits himself or restrict himself from doing certain things even after being given the opportunity he just backs of because he doesn’t have confidence he could actually do it, it is mostly based on one’s circumstances and the ignorance he has towards certain things.

For example: When we expect that we’re going to fail at whatever it is we’re pursuing or when we believe that something outside of us is going to validate us or make us happy, we place every ounce of belief in that thing we’re creating self – actualized limitations which subtly creeps into our lives and keeps us where we use forbidding us to move forward.

Another limitation that we put upon ourselves is when we are growing up and we listen to what others say to us more like tell us, while we are still a child or even a teenager or an adult and someone tells us we will be not good enough at a particular thing either be a sport, study, cooking, having a hobby, starting a new business we instead of believing in our own self listen to them.


We try to analyze the things which have been taking place, we overlook our achievements, stop ourselves and think of all the low moments we had or the memories where everything just went downhill, because we tend to think about negative before positive a sense of panic generates and there we are believing the people who themselves are not very good at what they do.

The environment we grow in plays a very vital part in how we think of ourselves, if People plant a seed of self-doubt in our brain, we doubt our own capabilities even before giving it a try, those limitations become our comfort friend in situations where we just have an absolutely pathetic excuse of “ being not good at it ” just to avoid the situation.

We also sometimes feel what will happen if I try it and then it all goes wrong, I’ll be making a fool of myself in front of all those people and the person who told me it was not a good idea would be like “ I told you