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Most of you have heard about this word (Gravity), Sir Issac Newton discovered gravity in the year 1665. Today we all are aware of the fact of what gravity is.

Even if you ask the sixth-grade kid that what gravity is even he can answer you, it is the force between the two particles of mass M1 and M2 with a distance R from their centre such that force is directly proportional to the product of their mass M1 and M2 and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from their centre. It's an easy mathematical formula anyone can solve. But no one in the class asked how gravity works. Even if they asked they never found the answer for it. Because the professors themselves don’t know.

According to the theory of Einstein, Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, It means if one energy is being created then the other is being destroyed in the process to balance the total balance of the system. Let us take an example of a Car; the fuel of a car is being burned so that the car can move. In scientific terms, we have to say that the chemical energy of the fuel is being destroyed for the creation of the mechanical work of the car. Or we can say one energy is being created for the destruction of the other.


In This way, energy is always conserved or the total energy or the enthalpy of this system always remains the same. But let us take a case of Gravitational energy. Here Gravitational Energy is being created but we don’t know what energy is being destroyed to create that energy or why the two masses get attracted to each other when they are separated by any certain distance. To answer these questions and all the other questions related to gravity this article has been written. Einstein in his theory said that Gravity is the force which is caused by the bending of space, like whenever a mass when exists in space it creates the kind of disturbance in the space due to which the space bends from its regular shape and forms the curve, when the planets move across the space they move in the straight path but the space is itself bend so due to which the planets also move in the elliptical orbit. But why do the planets move, why they are not in one stationary position or how matter can create disturbance in space all these questions are not answered by Einstein's theory.

So here is one more different theory to explain the working of Gravity, Which can also be called as the Energy space-time theory. To understand the concept of Gravity one has to understand the concept of space and time, how time came into existence or the space came into existence. Matter and space came into existence. There is one thing which we have observed about gravity wherever there is mass there is gravity. No matter how small the size of the mass is or how big its size is the gravity of the body does exist which is proportional to its mass. Today in our present universe we have different planets. We have the sun, we have stars, planets and other celestial bodies and so does their gravitational force. Before understanding the force Of Gravity that how the Gravitational force work it is important for us to understand how the university of our came into existence. So let us move back to a time, the time when there was nothing.


No matter no energy and no particles existed in this universe. Let us consider that time to be the zero time or can be termed as T0, the starting of this universe. So what exactly happened in that T0 that our universe came into existence or called the Tu the present time of this universe? From here all the things are going to be very complex so please it is my request to all the readers to read it very carefully. We all talk about the starting of this universe or the time T0. But what was before the starting of this universe no one knows and what will be there after the end of this universe that also no one knows. But one thing is for sure time always keep’s on moving. So let us all start from the beginning, initially, there was nothing there was just empty space which moves in all directions towards infinity. This space can be called the infinite space which moves in all directions and is constant and does not go through any change with the movement of time such that the space and time both are infinite and together they are called infinite space-time.

The world at that point existed in its form of infinite space-time but then at one point of this infinite space-time a blast happened, which can also be called as the Nirvana Point or the centre point of our present universe from where all this construction phase of our universe started. A blast happened, and the moment that blast occurred that time is called T0 the starting time of this universe. Which is Also called the seismic time blast as that blast is not single but is a continuous process. It is called the Seismic time blast because it is something which controls the moment of the time of this universe. Or we can also call the blast which controls all the processes which are taking place in this system. Before this blast occurrence there was no space, no matter, nothing existed in our infinite empty space, But due to this blast the uniform space occurrence took place which can be called the Di-Laptic Space, it is the finite space within the infinite space also called as the Laptic Space.


The Seismic time waves are the continuous-time waves which are continuously moving throughout our universe and have created the space, the space which follows all the physical laws of this universe. The time waves start from the centre and move in the outward direction to the extreme boundaries of this universe. The time waves emerging from the centre are stronger and as they move in the outward direction their forces get weaker such that the time which is near the centre of this universe moves fast and the time which moves at the extreme boundaries moves slowly. Because as we move away from the centre the radial distance increases for the same time waves. As the space was constructed from the time the space which was uniformly spread from the centre towards the path toward its extreme boundaries, let us consider it as the time in which the formation of space took place, only space no mass or matter or any heavy body. The space was only uniformly present at that moment in time.

The space is like a viscous fluid medium such that it has an elastic character which can stretch itself. The space of ours and time both are interlinked with each other. Suppose the space which is uniformly spread so that space would be experiencing the same time accordingly. That is what happened at the start of this universe, the space was present there such that it spread like a homogeneous mixture uniformly in all directions. But as the movement of time took place the process of contraction and expansion took place in such a way that most of the space contracted into one singular point which lead to the creation of dense matter. And the space which is surrounded around that matter is the super expanding form of that previous space such that the space itself has expanded to the hundred or the thousand times surrounding that matter. Due to this difference in the density of the space, it creates the gravitational pull on the matter which can also be called the orbital space of the matter and when another particle comes in contact with that orbit it also starts to rotate accordingly.


It is like suppose earth which is the celestial body is stable in the space or we can say stationary at one point. Earth consists of matter which is the highly concentrated space at one point which is leading to the formation of the matter. So when the space contracts at one point and creates the matter the same space super expands itself in such a way that it creates a very super low dense space medium surrounding it which is also called the gravitational orbit of the earth. Which is constructed in such a way that when any other matter or any other heavenly body moves around suppose our moon, because of the formation of the orbital due to the density difference it will rotate around the surface of the earth. Overall if we have to explain then the mass of the heavenly body is the super compressed form of the space such that when the enormous amount of space compresses at one singular point it leads to the formation of the supermassive structure. And the space around that supermassive structure expands in such a way that it forms a super expanded elastic medium or elastic space. And when any matter which has high density as compared to the space around it moves through that space it experiences the pull through that space which is called as the gravitational force.


All this occurs because of the time difference. Space and time are correlated with each other time move uniformly in every space. It means that if the space is uniform the time will also move uniformly in that space. But when the space contracts at one point forming the superstructure and expand at the other point to form the space around it then the space is not uniform and the time is also not uniform around it, the time moves slowly in space it moves very slow but the time moves at the faster rate in the heavenly bodies. So due to this time difference between the two identities space and matter creates a void in the matter and due to which it moves towards the other matter and experiences the gravitational force in the orbit.

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