How has COVID-19 pandemic ended upon the mental health of the students: Point to be considered?

Covid-19 | Health | 09th September 2021 | Virtual Wire


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The unexpected breakout of a virus has turned everyone’s life upside down since the year 2019: The Coronavirus pandemic.

The unexpected scenario of a world getting shut down, without a movement of people anywhere outside their houses, was seen. People started losing their loved ones even before getting knowledge of what was happening around them.

The government took a huge step towards locking up the countries to reduce the severity of the situation. Many daily wage workers were left without jobs and money to feed their families. The country was in a panic. No one had a solution for such a big threat. Eventually, day after day, doctors and scientists came up with small precautions that could help people from saving their lives. Masks became mandatory, sanitization of hands started becoming a habit and staying away from people was getting regular in the name of social distancing.

On the other hand, the scenario inside the four walls of a house was taking a different shape. The theatres were bought into the palms over the mobiles. The classrooms were digitalized. There were no more blackboards and chalks but only the teachers screaming out, “Students, please turn on your videos” and “Is my voice audible?” Students haven’t seen the school walls and college campus for the past 1 year.

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Online classes, assignments, quizzes and all have changed the lifestyle of the students. The education of many students who couldn’t afford an android phone or a laptop has been disrupted. Many students have ended up dropping off of their schools as they are not able to pay the fees. Whereas, a large number of students have been recorded to be suffering from mental illness.

Staying in a room for months together has increased the depressive thoughts among students. According to an article titled ‘The Implications of COVID-19 for mental health & substance use,’ it has been noted that 56.2% of students in the age group 18-24 years are suffering from depression, stress and anxiety problems. It has also been said that the change in the severity of the pandemic is causing suicidal thoughts in students.

As the opportunity of getting a job was reducing for the fresh graduates, they got pushed into stressing about their future and finally ended up self-doubting. The distance and miscommunication among people are leading to the loss of the bondings and increasing depression and isolation of themselves. Every small issue kept inside the mind is accumulated to cause chronic mental disease.

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A person who is physically unwell can be noticed easily and taken care but a person suffering from mental health issues cannot be spotted easily. Sometimes the one who is suffering, himself doesn’t know what he/she is going through. Mental health has to be taken care off. The mental issues of the young generation have to be considered and put a spotlight on. Each life matters on this earth.

Taking some time out and talking among each other in the family would help out in distressing. Planting some saplings and plants and taking care of them will increase peace of mind, as nothing can heal us as nature does. Playing board games like monopoly, snake and ladder etc. rather than digital games can bring back the lost smiles. A small walk and a little exercise practice help in building immunity.

Spending some valuable time with pets can resolve depression. There is never is solution unless we try to search for it. Happiness is around us, we only have to see it with wide-open eyes and grab it and make it ours. Young generations are our hope for a better tomorrow. Let us take good care of them to show them a beautiful world and a supportive place for them to shine bright.

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