How Overthinking can affect your life?

Overthinking | Affect | 30th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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If you keep thinking about past situations which did not go as planned or you keep worrying over and over about a future event, then you may not have realized but you are an Overthinker.

Overthinking is when a situation keeps popping in your head or you worry about the same thought over and over again. At first, this does not seem like a serious issue but if you spend hours torturing your brain then it can take a major toll on your mental health. It can cause Depression, Anxiety and most importantly it can disrupt your sleep. Planning for a future event and analyzing things before taking any action is a good thing. It makes you feel confident and in control, but if you keep running this analysis in your head repetitively then it can cloud your judgment and prevent you from taking action. This is because when you spend so much time thinking about something, it is difficult to shift your mind to something else.

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The issue tends to get more serious when it comes to someone who is an introvert. These are the individuals who are already selective around people and when the situation requires them to be in the middle of the crowd where they are surrounded by so many unknown people they get so much conscious about their body language. The thoughts like, ‘What if they don’t like how I talk?’ or “If I say something stupid’ keeps popping in their head this makes them feel anxious and sometimes nauseated. Many people think that Overthinking or Rumination is a personality trait and it cannot be changed. But psychologists say that Rumination is something we learn consciously or subconsciously and it can be unlearned by taking some effective measures.

Know the trigger points

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Be attentive about the situations around you and soon you will start noticing a pattern in your thoughts or moments that trigger your overthinking. These thoughts are generally made up scenarios about a negative moment and cause you to worry.

Realize what you can and can’t control

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Hundreds of thoughts consume our minds every day. Some of them are warm and joyful, while some are negative and make us worry. Now it is up to us that what we want to dwell on. Generally, thoughts acquire our mind while we are travelling or doing some not so much productive work. The best way to distract your mind is by listening to music or reading a book.

Ask your friends for help

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Talk to your friends about this, ask them to share their thoughts and tell them to strike you in the head when you are stuck on the same thought for long. Most importantly choose a friend who knows how to handle overthinking and does not tag along with you on the train endless thoughts because excessive discussion among friends can make things worse.



Exercise may help you with chronic overthinking and may improve depression, anxiety and other mental illness and send an influx of good chemicals and hormones like endorphins to our brain.

Seek professional help

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If left unchecked, the stress related to overthinking may lead to physical health symptoms such as Headaches, Fatigue, digestive issues like Diarrhea and Nausea. So, if nothing works then it is better to seek help from a professional. They can help identify and treat any underlying causes of overthinking. Overthinking can affect your work and the way you do things. Most importantly it can cause emotional distress. So, it is better to make constant efforts to shrug away any thoughts that make you feel adrift.

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